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Team CCCG Sport win netball, table tennis and badminton competitions at AOC Sport London Regional Championship

This year has seen some truly remarkable achievements from the Team CCCG Sports Academy, and earlier this month saw another hugely successful day of competition.

Following on from the huge success of the Group’s football and basketball teams winning regional championships, in a thrilling showcase of skill and determination, Team CCCG Sport has once again emerged victorious as the AOC Sport London Regional Champions this time in netball, table tennis, and badminton. The action-packed event unfolded at Redbridge Sports Centre in Ilford on 13 December.


Representing the Group was our netball team which was a combination of female students from all of our CCCG colleges. The team was eager to retain their regional champions title which they won in 2022 and to secure their spot in the upcoming AOC Sport National Championships scheduled for 19th April 2024, in Nottingham. The team performed exceptionally well, and it was clear to see that all the hard work and additional hours of netball training had paid dividends in winning the tournament by winning every game.

Our head netball Coach Yamini Bist was delighted with the result, saying: ‘I am extremely proud of the team, and looking forward to going back to the national championships for a second year in a row.’ It cannot be understated the achievements of this team. Two years ago, there was no netball at all being played across any of the CCCG colleges. Now we have an established netball academy and two successive regional championships trophies.

Table Tennis

The day however did not just belong to netball. Team CCCG was also victorious in the table tennis event. The college had several learners who competed in the men’s table tennis competition. However, it was College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London student Rayan Ansari who completely dominated the competition before eventually being crowned regional champion. Rayan said following his victory: ‘am very proud and happy to have won today and looking forward to testing myself further in the national championships.’


The day continued to be successful for the Group with our City and Islington College student Dylan Gregory being crowned men’s regional champion for badminton and Jen Chiesurirn being crowned female table tennis regional champion. Both students are absolutely thrilled with their achievement and cannot wait for the national championships in April 2024.

London’s largest student body at sports events

After the success of football and basketball, Jonathan Silman, the Head of Sport for CCCG, and Rob Murphy, Sports Development Manager at CCCG, couldn’t contain their joy at the achievements of Team CCCG Sport: ‘Our ambition is to become the number 1 Sport College in the country,’ said Silman. ‘The rapid growth of our Sport Academies, combined with a strong desire and a collectively group-wide approach, is fast-tracking our goal.’ This was further enhanced by the success of the final round of regional championships. The growth and the success of the Sports Academies have been further enhanced by this success and Team CCCG reputation is quickly growing with our sporting achievements.

It was noted that these results mean that our Group will be representing London across five different sports. This will mean that Team CCCG will be the college Group providing the majority of students as the London representatives at sports events, and likely nationally also.

Find out more about our Sports Academies and how you can be a part of it here.

How we engage employers with our Creative and Digital Skills Academies

Capital City College Group (CCCG) is a finalist for The City and Guilds Award for Engagement with Employers at the forthcoming AOC’s Beacon Awards in recognition of the work carried out within their Creative and Digital Skills Academies that are supported by the Mayor Of London.

Carlo Liu, Head of Digital Skills Academy, and Sharon Wallace, Head of Creative Industries Academy, let us in on some of the secrets to their success.

Addressing London’s skills needs and skills gaps while supporting underrepresented groups

In 2021, data from the Labour Market Information showed a 36% surge in digital job vacancies in London. However, only 13% of creative jobs were filled by candidates from BAME groups. In recognition of this, we set up the Creative and Digital Skills Academies to foster opportunities within the communities that the Group serves and enable residents to be a part of these thriving sectors.

The main objective was to offer customised training that would meet employer-specific needs while creating accessible pathways for education, particularly amongst underrepresented groups. This is how we did it.

Community outreach

Our dedicated Community Engagement Officers ensure our training reaches those most in need by collaborating closely with relevant grassroots organisations such as the Prince’s Trust and Arsenal in the Community, facilitating interaction with JobCentre Plus, and establishing partnerships with London boroughs

Employer advisory boards

We created Employer Advisory Boards where we meet with employers and stakeholders to find out exactly what skills they need. Board members include Google, Film London, Screen Skills, London Higher, and Camden Council. 

Placing employers’ needs first

By delivering training designed by employers we give students the exact skills they need to find jobs in these industries. Our students are also supported by career and job coaches from within the industry to help with interview practice and provide networking opportunities.

Students gain valuable work experience on live projects, guest lectures, and internships. This high level of exposure enables them to build their network and deepen their understanding of both the industry and potential careers, giving them the confidence to move on to advanced training or secure meaningful work. 

Equality and Inclusion

To make diversity more than just a buzzword, we created an inclusive environment through courses that fit around caring or other work responsibilities, for example, summer courses, courses specifically for people not in education, employment, or training (NEET), or for people on low pay, and courses for women to address sector-specific female underrepresentation.

Planning for growth

We receive about £500k of adult education funding income, which covers delivery costs. The curriculum is now being developed to include longer courses at Level 3 and Level 4 to provide further progression and higher-level certification or experience.

In 2024, we will relocate to the newly refurbished Soho Centre of Applied Technology, which will feature cutting-edge technology such as AI and VFX.

Measuring impact on the community

We have had an incredible reach, engaging over 5,000 students, and involving 250 employers. As a result, 338 students have gained work experience placements and 458 have secured employment or apprenticeships.

The Academies have also enhanced general digital literacy across communities by giving individuals the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in a technology-driven economy; in addition to industry-specific academy courses, over 2,000 students have completed the Essential Digital Skills Qualification in the last year.

Key lessons learned

Take a community-centric approach and establish a dedicated team for employer and community engagement to lead the work.

Meet real industry needs: collaborate directly with employers to determine what skills they need.

Be diverse and flexible: offer courses through a wide range of channels; online, face-to-face, variable duration, summer courses, morning-only, evening courses, etc.

Build in wraparound employability: Our academies don’t have an exit point. Assistance with progression into careers or further learning is embedded into our training programmes so that students are always supported with what comes next.

Want to know more about our work?

If you would like to collaborate with us or find out more about our work, please get in touch with us here.

CONEL Music and Creative Media students visit the Houses of Parliament

Students from CONEL’s Music and Creative Media courses spent time exploring the Houses of Parliament to learn about politics, democracy and history.

Students from The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London (CONEL) visited the Houses of Parliament on 5 December. 

The group of 30 students, which was made up of Level 2 Music and Level 3 Creative Media students, spent the day learning more about the history and work of the UK Parliament.

The visit began with an enjoyable and informative 90-minute tour which was delivered by an expert guide. During the tour, students had the opportunity to spend time in important and iconic parliamentary spaces such as the House of Commons, the House of Lords and Westminster Hall and find out about how and when they are used.

In addition to learning about the dramatic 900-year history of The Palace of Westminster, students also gained insight into the work of the UK Parliament and its current relevance. They also heard about the ways in which they could become more involved and engaged with the democratic process.

Marek Morzuch, a Creative Media teacher, said “The students loved going through the different areas within the building and asked so many questions about the history of the building and enjoyed looking at the architecture and memorabilia.”

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CONEL Students Take Part in Staffordshire University’s Games in the City Festival

Students from CONEL visited Staffordshire University’s London Campus to attend gaming workshops as part of the Games in the City Festival.

Students from The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London (CONEL) spent a day immersed in the world of gaming as part of the Games in the City Festival organised by Staffordshire University in collaboration with Into Games.

The Games in the City Festival is a weeklong in-person live event held at the Staffordshire University London Campus. This year it took place from 11 December to 15 December and included a range of talks, panel discussions and interactive activities to support young people aspiring to build a career in the games industry.


Today some of our CONEL students were invited to Staffordshire University to tour the campus and take part in some workshops! 🙌 Our students, who are studying Creative Media, and some Staffordshire University students, who are studying foundation courses at CONEL, were invited as part of the Games in the City event which was hosted by Staffordshire University. 👾 Our Digital Media and Creative Computing courses have been developed with employers to help you get the skills you need to work in the industry, in areas such as games design, animation, web design, editing and more. 🎥 Click the link in our bio to learn more. #StaffordshireUni #CONEL #Tottenham #Enfield #College #London #Media #GamesDesign #lifeatcccg

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On 12 December, students from CONEL’s Computer Games Design Foundation Year Course, which is taught in conjunction with Staffordshire University London’s Digital Institute, joined Level 2 Creative Media students at Staffordshire University’s London Campus. Following a tour of the facilities, the group of 30 students took part in two workshops hosted by industry experts. 

The first workshop was led by Anna Hollinrake, Art Director of the new indie studio Electric Saint. During the session, Anna shared her expertise in order to demystify Environment Concept Art for Games. Mark Fraser, CEO of video game developer and publisher Aero Astro Art, led the second session, which focussed on 3D Modelling Industry Workflow which gave insight into professional workflows and techniques.

Petru Bican, a Level 2 Creative Media student, said: “I really enjoyed the event and was very impressed by the facilities, especially the E-sport arena. I hope to join the Foundation Game Design course at Staffordshire University in the future.”

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Creative Skills Academy Students Complete Specialist Promo Producer Course

The Specialist Promo Producer course at WestKing culminates in a presentation with BBC guests.

A group of 12 students celebrated the completion of the Promo Producer course with a presentation event with guests from the BBC.

The Promo Producer course is a bespoke six-week course delivered by the Mayor’s Creative Skills Academy in partnership with BBC Studios. It is an innovative course which offers students the opportunity to:

  • Gain professional work experience in creative promo producing
  • Complete practical training and technical soft skills
  • Access expert employability advice and support

Designed to provide realistic work experience, the course takes the students through the various stages of making a video promo – from creative inception to the finished product. 

The course was delivered in November and December at Westminster Kingsway’s Regent’s Park Centre with some sessions taking place online. Students also visited the BBC Studios to meet staff, learn about professional pathways and complete voiceovers and sound mixing for their projects. They also had the opportunity to work with a colourist at Halo, an award-winning post-production studio, and get practical insight into the colour grading process.

Course tutor Robbie Samuels, an experienced director and producer said: “I just wanted to make something where people would learn the things that no one told me and they’re quite tricky things, they’re not instinctive things.” 

Student Alex Fontaine said: “For me, it was really an eye-opener on a side of the industry I didn’t know much about, the creative side of promotions and ads. When speaking about the course tutor, he added: “I found him really excellent so I really enjoyed the course.”

Student Colin Russell said; “I had gaps in my knowledge about being a promo producer and this filled in the gaps and also gave me the opportunity to do a dry run at everything and now I feel a lot more confident.” 

By the end of the course, the students had created a finished piece of work that they can add to their showreel and send out to production companies. During the course presentation event, they were able to showcase their work in front of BBC Studio staff and the award-winning director and producer, Robbie Samuels. 

Following the course, students will be able to access post-course employment support, networking groups and access more skills and training.

Find out more about the wide range of courses offered by the Mayors Skills Academies here.

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Students Learn Secrets to Self-Defence at CONEL

A series of self-defence workshops at CONEL have helped students improve personal safety while raising awareness about violence against women and girls.

During December, around 400 students took part in a series of self-defence workshops at The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London’s (CONEL) Tottenham and Enfield Centres.

The 24 workshops, which took place between 4 December and 15 December were organised by CONEL’s enrichment team to raise awareness about violence against women and girls. The sessions helped students mitigate the dangers of street violence and enhance their overall personal safety.

The training was led by Sev Necati, a specialist facilitator who teaches practical contact and non-contact self-defence techniques. Her expertise, passion and sensitivity created a learning environment where participants were comfortable and engaged.

The workshops attracted a range of female-identifying students of all ages from various courses and academic backgrounds. During the sessions, students learnt about a range of verbal and physical techniques to improve safety and then practised them through role-play. They also received training on how to de-escalate certain situations and promote the safety of others.

There was a range of positive feedback from participants, who said: “I learned tips and we actually practised how to defend ourselves” and “I’ve always wanted to learn self-defence, so this was really helpful”.

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Staff and Students Enjoy Visionnaires Festive Fair at CONEL

Visionnaires Festive Fair showcases entrepreneurial diversity at CONEL’s Tottenham Centre.

Staff and students gathered at the second Visionnaires Festive Fair on 7 December at The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London’s (CONEL) Tottenham Centre.

The pop-up market, organised by the Visionnaires team, featured 25 independent sellers who have completed Visionnaires programmes.

Visionnaires is a social enterprise that supports adults in transforming their business ideas into reality. Working in partnership with colleges such as Capital City College Group, they offer groundbreaking programmes created by entrepreneurs. Since launching in 2019, Visionnaires has supported over 2000 people with free Start Your Own Business Courses, masterclasses and events.

The market included a wide range of goods and services and featured everything from home accessories to photography services. Customers were able to browse the various stalls and were entertained by drummers and music from students in Creative and Media courses.

In addition to showcasing their products, the Visionnaires Festive Fair allowed vendors to test the market, gain exposure, network and gather feedback on their goods and services. The market, which welcomed around 150 students, also offered sellers the opportunity to build a customer base and connect with community members.

Georgina Moore, who recycles textiles into clothing and home accessories with her brand Moore Revival, said: “I really enjoyed it too and talking to people about their ideas and their story, and to other students at the college. My stand is ever-changing and I’m always looking at different and new ways to display my product better. But mostly I love seeing you guys! There are some familiar faces there now which is great, such a nice little community and one I’m grateful to be part of.” When talking about her experience with Visionnaires, she added “You really kick-started my year in such a positive way, and gave me the shoulder rub that I needed to get me to keep going, and that I was doing ok so far. I feel I’ve come on leaps and bounds this year, but still have so much to learn.”

You can find out more about Visionnaires programmes here.

Former WestKing Apprentice Tom Hamblet Wins Masterchef: The Professionals

Following a gruelling competition, Tom Hamblet, a former WestKing Hospitality and Culinary Arts Apprentice was crowned winner of MasterChef: The Professionals.

A former WestKing Hospitality and Culinary Arts Apprentice has been crowned MasterChef: The Professionals Champion 2023. Tom is the 17th chef to win the trophy, following in the footsteps of fellow WestKing alumni Nikita Pathakji and Alex Webb, both of whom won Masterchef competitions in previous years. 

Tom Hamblet (Image: BBC/Shine TV)

Tom began his Apprenticeship at Westminster Kingsway College when he was 17. After completing his studies, he went on to work at Michelin-starred and AA Rosette-winning restaurants. Currently, he works as Sous Chef alongside his chef parents at Camellia, a three AA Rosette restaurant in South Lodge Hotel, Horsham.

During the MasterChef competition, Tom surpassed 31 other professionals in a gruelling seven-week competition where he took on a series of demanding culinary tasks. His culinary creations impressed judges, restaurant critics and leading chefs. During the quarter-final, columnist and critic Grace Dent said: “That is the best dessert I’ve had on MasterChef in all the years I’ve been here.”

During the final week, Tom cooked a four-course meal in front of 24 specially selected diners who held 22 Michelin stars between them at the Midland Grand Dining Room in King’s Cross. As the contestants were whittled down to a final three, they travelled to Copenhagen to learn alongside Head Chef Rasmus Munk, mastering and delivering complex dishes that formed an incredible 50-course tasting menu.

In the final leg of the competition, the three remaining chefs served three courses to MasterChef judges Marcus Wareing, Monica Galetti and Gregg Wallace. They had just three hours to prepare a starter, main course and dessert. Tom demonstrated his technical skill, creativity, and unique talent and impressed the judges with his winning menu. He served an original and superbly executed menu which included poached native lobster tail, seared beef fillet and an olive oil sponge cake.

Marcus Wareing, the Michelin-star chef and judge, said: “From the minute that young chef stepped into this kitchen he’s been consistent and he’s delivered at every single level. Tom’s food today was technical, it was beautiful and most importantly, it was delicious.”

Masterchef presenter Gregg Wallace said: “Tom is a talent. I think today, we watched a very young chef come of age. Someone who’s always had the technical ability, but today was brave enough to put his own stamp on the classical.”

After winning the trophy, Tom said: “I’m lost for words. It’s been such a good experience. I’ve done it! The trophy’s here. I’m holding it! I couldn’t be happier right now. I’m just going to enjoy the moment.”

Following his MasterChef victory, Tom continues to aim high. He said: “I’m still at South Lodge, working hard to deliver high standards. I’m still young, so feel like I’m working out my ambitions every day. I want to have a successful career and that means continuing to learn and progress. I’d love to aim for my own Michelin-starred restaurant and maybe do more TV. I’m keen to take on projects that allow me to become a better chef and person so hopefully, there are more exciting things coming!”

Congratulations Tom on winning the prestigious title of MasterChef: The Professionals Champion 2023!

Find out more about our Hospitality and Culinary Arts courses here.

Harnessing a Sustainable Future: 6 Reasons to Study Renewable Energies 

If you’re interested in using your skills to contribute to a brighter future, a career in renewable energies could be the right pathway for you.

There’s no shortage of concern about the environment, and amidst an ever-changing energy landscape, renewable energy is a beacon of hope for a sustainable future

If you’re seeking a career that reflects your passion for making a positive impact on the world around you, then taking a course in the rapidly growing field of renewable energies could be the perfect next step for a number of reasons.

1. Help combat climate change and preserve the environment

Renewable energy sources play an essential part in counteracting climate change, which continues to threaten our eco-systems. Fossil fuels remain the biggest contributors to climate change and environmental degradation. 

By developing techniques and technology that allow us to harness the power of the sun, wind, water and geothermal heat, we can access clean alternatives to conventional fossil fuels. A course in renewable energies will enable you to gain a deep understanding of the science behind renewable energy sources, so you can critically evaluate and develop innovative solutions to combat these universal issues.

2. Improve energy security

The cost of fossil fuels can shift dramatically in a short space of time, and fossil fuels are also a finite resource that will eventually run out. Renewable energies are abundant and can be acquired using natural resources, offering much-needed security to people around the globe.

3. Embrace sustainable growth and a diverse career path

A move towards renewable energy is essential for environmental protection, but it also has great economic value. Studying renewable energies opens up a wide range of career options in a rapidly expanding industry. 

You can choose to specialise in an area that ties in with your area of interest, whether it centres around a specific type of renewable energy or energy storage and management systems. With renewable energy industries growing rapidly, there are a multitude of job opportunities in various sectors including design, engineering, installation and maintenance.

4. Develop a skill set in high demand

With the growing focus on renewable energy both in the UK and around the world, the skills and knowledge you’ll acquire while studying in this field are highly sought after in various industries. If you can develop expertise in designing, developing, implementing, and managing renewable energy systems, you’ll be in high demand. As with all developing industries, the global market offers an incredible range of employment opportunities for qualified professionals.

5. Stay ahead of the curve

Research and development around renewable energies are constantly evolving, with new technologies emerging regularly. At the same time, governments across the planet are implementing policies and regulations to promote renewable energy adoption. 

A course in renewable energies will provide you with industry-specific knowledge and skills as well as an understanding of policies – all of which will enable you to keep abreast of advancements and adapt to developing trends and needs.

6. Do something rewarding that reflects your values

No matter what your field of work is, knowing that you are having a positive impact provides immense satisfaction – we all want to leave the world in better shape than we found it.

Working in renewable energy offers the opportunity to contribute to a sustainable future for your community and local economy while having a positive impact on the planet. 

You’ll be part of a wide-reaching team, collaborating and innovating to transform the energy landscape, provide cleaner air, improve public health and safeguard the environment for generations to come.

If you’re interested in studying renewable energies, Capital City College Group offers a range of exciting courses and career pathways through our Green Academy.

As part of our commitment to serve our community, there are also free courses on offer such as Green Skills, Sustainability and Green Careers, Solar Energy and Windfarm Operations.

CCCG Highly Commended for Green and Sustainability work at Haringey Community Impact Awards 2023

CCCG’s Green Academy has received recognition for its efforts in Green and Sustainability at the Haringey Community Expo 2023.

Capital City College Group’s (CCCG) Green Academy was Highly Commended in the Green and Sustainability category as part of the Haringey Community Impact Awards. The awards were presented during the Haringey Community Expo 2023 which took place on 1 December at Tottenham Green Pools and Fitness Centre.

More than 250 Haringey residents and representatives from voluntary organisations gathered for the event, which was organised by the Bridge Renewal Trust in partnership with Haringey Council. The Haringey Community Expo aims to recognise and celebrate the work of local voluntary and community organisations. 

During the event, over 70 local projects and services presented their efforts at a diverse array of stalls. There was also a panel discussion on the topic of culture and creativity, which allowed key community members to share their insights. 

Rachel Hughes, Chair of The Bridge Renewal Trust, said: “We are immensely proud of being part of this community and being able to showcase the work of our colleagues in the Voluntary Sector at the Haringey Community Expo. Thank you to all who participated and supported this event. Together, we have laid the foundation for another year of community growth, collaboration, and excellence”.

The Haringey Community Impact Awards were presented to a diverse array of exceptional organisations to mark their contributions to the community. CCCG’s Green Academy was Highly Commended in acknowledgement and appreciation of its impact in the area of Green and Sustainability. The Green Academy is part of the Mayor of London’s Skills Academies and works closely with Haringey council and supports local residents through its training pathways. With extensive links to employers within the green construction sector, the Green Academy aims to assist with the provision of a skilled workforce and address the skill shortage in the construction sector.

Mishary Alfahad, Head of Green Academy at CCCG, accepted the award on behalf of the college. He said: “We’re honoured to be amongst the nominees and to receive an award at the Haringey Community Impact Awards for Green and Sustainability. It’s incredibly rewarding to be recognised for our efforts this year. The Green Academy is heavily focused on supporting those from underrepresented groups and we’re proud to be having a noticeable impact in such a diverse borough.”

Congratulations to everyone at the Green Academy!

You can learn more about the Green Academy here.

Queen's Award for Enterprise