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Get into university with Clearing!

Clearing is now open, and many universities are accepting applications to selected courses through the process known as Clearing.

You can use Clearing if:

  • You don’t want to accept any of the university offers you have received
  • You didn’t receive any offers from a university
  • You didn’t meet the conditions of your university offers
  • You’ve declined your firm place at university using the ‘decline my place’ button in UCAS Track
  • You paid the multiple choice application fee of £27 when you applied to university

Understanding Clearing:

Clearing is the process that matches universities with students who are looking for a place at a university course. Whether you want to switch courses, didn’t meet the conditions of your offers, or simply started your application process late, Clearing provides you with a second chance to find your perfect university course.

Why Clearing?

The Clearing process is an opportunity for you to find a university that matches your aspiration and which values your potential. Every year, thousands of students find their ideal courses through Clearing.

How it works:

  • Research: Browse through the list of available courses on our Higher Education Courses page. You might find subjects that align perfectly with your interests.
  • Select: Look for the “Apply via UCAS” button on the course page.
  • Apply: Click the “Apply via UCAS” button on the course page for the courses that interest you. This will take you to the course page on UCAS, where you will be able to see if the course is available through Clearing and the deadline for submitting an application.

Ready to get into university?


Is Clearing only for those who didn’t get their desired grades?

Not necessarily. Clearing is also for those who didn’t apply during the main application cycle or are considering a change of course or university.

When does Clearing start?

Clearing begins on 5 July and ends on 17 October.

Yes, you can explore a range of courses during Clearing, even if they are different from your initial selections.

What if I receive multiple offers through Clearing?

You can only accept one Clearing offer at a time. Take your time to decide which offer aligns best with your goals.

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