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Sports Academies

Join a Sports Academy!

Anybody aged 16-19 and enrolled on one of our courses can join one of our Sports Academies, which are partnered with local professional organisations to give you the best training, advice, and opportunities and allow you to combine your academic course with the sports training of your choice.

Sports Academies

All our Sports Academies come equipped with one-to-one training with professional coaches, full use of the colleges’ sports facilities, personalised strength, conditioning, exercise and nutrition programmes, medical support and a sportswear kit.

Our academies are suitable for students aged 16-19, and welcome players of all skill levels. To take part, you must be enrolled on a full-time course at one of Capital City College Group’s colleges: City and Islington College (CANDI), Westminster Kingsway College (WestKing) or The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London (CONEL).

Our Sports Academies include Athletics, Basketball, Esports, Football, FUTSAL, Netball and Martial Arts.

Our Sports Academies can include:

  • Free training kit (varies depending on your chosen sport)
  • Professional coaching for 4-6 hours per week in our Enfield Centre sports facility
  • Opportunities to compete in organised college events
  • On-site medical support for injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Free access to the college gym and fitness suite under coach supervision
  • Free fitness, strength and conditioning, exercise and nutrition programmes designed and monitored for you

Interested in joining one of our Sports Academies? Simply add one of our Sports Academies to your basket when applying for a full-time course, and we will contact you about attending a trial session. Have a question about our Sports Academies? Read our FAQs below!

Choose an academy below to find out more:


We held some trials for our sports academies last week! 👏⚽️🏐🏀 We always strive to be the best and our results show just that. We are: National Champions for basketball 🏆 Regional Champions for netball 🏆 Borough Champions for football 🏆 We have an excellent coaching staff accompanied with our excellent facilities to not only ensure that we are the number one college team, but we also stay the number one college team in all our sports that we compete in! 💪 Click the link in our bio to learn more about all of our sports academies. #sports #football #netball #basketball #college #London #trials #lifeatcccg

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Our Athletics Academy provides elite training, support, guidance, coaching and allow you to enter athletics competitions.


Our Basketball Academy provides training, support, coaching and a bespoke preparation and placement programme.


Join CONEL’s official e-sports team, the CONEL Cyphers and compete with other students against other colleges.


Our Football Academy is affiliated with a major football club to offer professional football coaching and training.


The FUTSAL Academy provides training, support, guidance, coaching and professional work experience opportunities.

Martial Arts

Our Martial Arts Academy provides opportunities to practice martial arts and prepare for competitions.


Our Netball Academy provides professional coaching, guidance and medical support to compete in the netball league.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to be enrolled in a full-time course to join a Sports Academy?

Yes, typically, enrolment in ANY full-time course is a requirement to join any of our TEAM CCCG Sports Academies from across the CCCG group. This ensures a balance between academic and athletic commitments.

Can I join a Sports Academy if I enrol on a short course?

Generally, Sports Academies students are enrolled in full-time courses to provide a more comprehensive academic and athletic experience. Short course enrolments are eligible for our schedule of Sport Enrichment sessions across the group.

How often are training sessions?

Training sessions frequency can vary but are usually scheduled multiple times a week. Specific details can be obtained from the academy’s training schedule. Generally, our Team CCCG representatives complete 4 hours of training per week (2 sessions) and compete in the league on a Wednesday.

How often are matches?

Match schedules vary, and the frequency depends on the sports season. Teams may have matches weekly or bi-weekly during the competitive season through the whole academic year.

Is there a minimum number of training sessions and matches I need to attend?

Yes, most Sports Academies have attendance requirements to ensure consistent skill development and team cohesion. The details will be outlined in the academy’s guidelines.

Where does training take place, at what time, and how often?

Training locations, timings, and frequency will be specified by each of the TEAM CCCG Sports Academies. This information is typically communicated through the academy’s official channels or during orientation. Our academies are across the group at all campuses.

I live too far to travel to Enfield, does this mean I cannot join a Sports Academy?

Not a problem, we have opened centres for training close to our City of Islington College and Westminster Kingsway College to support all learners. It’s advisable to contact the academy directly to discuss potential solutions.

Are matches always local, or will I need to stay away overnight? If I need to stay overnight, how often does this happen, and does the college cover my costs?

Matches can be local or away generally in the London or Middlesex area, and overnight stays may be required for National Championships only or International Tours. The academy should provide information on the frequency of such events. All costs are covered.

Are the coaches professionally qualified?

Yes, coaches representing Team CCCG Sport are the bedrock of our academies. They have excelled within their chosen careers with a variety of staff competing at elite level competition. You can find detailed information about the coaches, including their qualifications and experience, in the coach bios on our website (coming soon).

Do I have to pay for my own sports kit? Are there any other costs associated with the Sports Academies?

There are no costs associated with sports kits and other related expenses. Training kits and match kits relevant to your Sports Academy will be provided free of charge.

What is a Sports Scholarship?

Sports Scholarships are given to x10 of the very best sportspersons across the college. Individuals who are awarded this status usually compete at the National or International level.

This scholarship is in partnership with TASS (Talented Athlete Sports Scholar) where being awarded this recognition; can fast-track further sports scholarship possibilities when they progress beyond FE.

Students on a Sports Scholarship will receive additional benefits:

  • Mentorship
  • Sport Psychologist
  • Arranged workshops with universities regarding sporting excellence
  • Sport Scholarship kit
  • AOC Sports Leadership fast-tracked support

Learners generally do not miss lessons to access these benefits.

How do I obtain a Sport Scholarship?

To obtain a Sports Scholarship, you typically need to showcase exceptional skill and dedication in your chosen sport at the National Level or above. Contact the Director of Sports or read our information on Sports Academies application procedures, eligibility requirements, and deadlines. It may involve submitting performance videos, academic transcripts or letters of recommendation.

How do I become a Sports Ambassador?

Our Sports Ambassadors are in partnership with the AOC Sport Leaders Awards. Privileges associated with this role include coaching qualifications and CPD being paid for. Responsibilities of this role include pioneering and supporting sport across the group.

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