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CCCG’s Job Fair showcases the college group’s many employment opportunities

WestKing hosts first CCCG Job Fair, attracting candidates from across the city.

Westminster Kingsway College’s (WestKing) hosted the first Capital City College Group (CCCG) job fair at its Victoria Centre on 21 May.

Following a presentation on CCCG’s generous compensation and benefits package, attendees were able to find out about a wide range of current vacancies spanning all areas of the college’s activities.

During the event, potential candidates were able to talk with hiring managers and a range of staff members to gain insight into life at CCCG as well as advice on how to boost their application. Visitors to the event were also able to get a professional headshot.

If you’re interested in working with CCCG, take a look at our current vacancies. As London’s largest college group, we believe in offering a wide range of development opportunities as well as exceptional support to all our colleagues alongside a competitive package of benefits.

Explore our current vacancies today!

CANDI students collaborate with sports charity Stand for Change

IT students from CANDI took part in an informative and practical learning event as part of an ongoing collaboration with Stand for Change.

A group of 22 IT Level 3 National Extended Diploma students from City and Islington College (CANDI) refined their problem-solving and presentation skills as part of a unique collaboration with sports charity Stand for Change.

On 23 February, Patrick Spence, founder of sports charity Stand for Change, visited CANDI’s Centre for Business, Arts and Technology, Camden Road (CBAT) to share his expertise and insight with students. Stand for Change is a charity working to end discrimination through systemic change in the culture across sports industries.

Patrick delivered a presentation and gave an inspiring talk detailing his business experience and explaining what he hopes to achieve with Stand for Change – a sporting culture in which all professional and elite sporting clubs, teams, competitions and organising bodies in the UK are fully representative of the communities they serve. 

Prior to the event, students had been set the challenge of improving the organisation’s current website by building on branding and targeting audiences to promote a positive message of equality and respect in sport. Before the students presented their projects, Patrick discussed the project brief and gave further insight into key aspects involved such as planning research methods and collecting primary data via polls or surveys.

The students then presented their findings and made well-informed recommendations for Stand for Change. During their presentations, they detailed their methodologies, research and planning stages and showed how they had used statistics and analysed data. They also offered a range of ideas for increasing engagement and awareness of relevant issues through branding and social media. 

The project allowed students to develop their teamwork and problem-solving skills allowing them to work with clear aims and objectives. Responding to the brief and explaining their work strengthened their presentation skills while providing the experience of engaging and interacting with an employer.

Patrick was impressed by the students’ approach to data gathering and presentation. He said: “It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable experience to hear these young students present credible material in such an eloquent and professional manner.”

Victoria Kilanko, Work Placement Officer at CANDI, organised the event to give students the opportunity to gain a better understanding of key principles around collaboration and the world of work. She said: “It’s encouraging to witness the growth in confidence of the students as they pitch, present and eloquently handle questions put to them by the Founder of Stand for Change. collaborations like this are motivational and encourage aspiration in our students’”

The collaboration with Stand for Change will continue with monthly events hosted at CANDI.

If you’re interested in learning about ways to analyse and present new information, take a look at our range of Computing and IT Courses

CANDI students celebrate Earth Day 2024

ESOL students from CANDI learn to reduce waste and recycle during an Earth Day event.

A group of ESOL students from City and Islington College’s (CANDI) Centre for Lifelong Learning in Finsbury Park embraced Earth Day on 22 April by taking part in a creative waste-reducing activity.

The students, who are all studying Level 1 ESOL, participated in a Planet vs Plastic Planting Activity organised by Ben Holdaway, Student Engagement Officer at CANDI’s Centre for Lifelong Learning.

A total of 26 students took part in the event, which promoted reducing and reusing plastic waste while also teaching students how to sow herb, vegetable and flower seeds.

During the activity, students used plastic water bottles to create a seed planter that included  in-built drainage and watering systems. The task challenged the ESOL students to listen to and follow instructions as well as communicate with their peers and support staff in order to complete the task.

Ben Holdaway, Student Engagement Officer at the Centre for Lifelong Learning, said: “It’s great to see students outside of the classroom learning new skills for later life whilst encouraging them to live sustainably.”

Jessica Truong, ESOL Curriculum Manager, said: “The planting activity was an excellent opportunity for students to learn how to reuse plastic bottles to grow vegetables.  Students were very engaged and enjoyed the activity.”

Mohammed Ohaj, an ESOL student who took part in the activity, said: “I enjoyed making the bottles and planting. […] It was fun.”

Capital City College Group (CCCG) is committed to the London Mayor’s goal of Net Carbon Zero by 2030. By embedding valuable opportunities for learning about sustainability in student courses, the college group’s Estates team and teaching staff aim to raise awareness and inspire students to engage in positive environmental action.

CANDI students take part in Intramural College Sport Festival at University of East London

Students visit the University of East London to attend the Intramural College Sports Festival.

A small group of students from City and Islington College (CANDI) participated in a range of sports at the University of East London (UEL) Intramural College Sports Festival.

The event, which took place on 17 April at UEL’s SportsDock facility, encouraged students to compete against other colleges, participate in new sports and explore the university’s sports facilities. The five students, who came from CANDI’s Centre for Applied Sciences and Centre for Business, Arts and Technology (CBAT) were joined by Student Engagement Officer Natascia Bernardi at the event. 

The sports festival began with a presentation of the sports courses and activities available at UEL. The students then had the opportunity to play against other colleges in handball, wheelchair basketball and badminton competitions. The CANDI students had arrived expecting to compete only in badminton, but were then challenged to try new sports such as wheelchair basketball and handball.

Chloe, a CANDI student who attended the event, said: “I really enjoyed it even though it didn’t go as expected.”

The Intramural College Sports Festival at UEL offered students the chance to expand their sporting experience, visit a university and learn more about sports in a higher education setting. The visit is just one of the many enrichment activities organised by our dedicated Student Engagement Officers to enhance the students’ college experience.

Capital City College Group (CCCG) is dedicated to providing excellent sporting opportunities. We offer a wide range of Sports and Fitness Courses and Sports Science Courses and all students aged 16-19 are eligible to join one of our Sports Academies, which provide students with access to professional training, valuable advice and competitive opportunities.

GK Barry and Nish Kumar record political podcast at WestKing to encourage young people to vote

With the General Election less than a month away, influencer GK Barry is on a mission to get young people voting – starting with the students at Westminster Kingsway College.

Social media influencer and presenter GK Barry visited Westminster Kingsway College (WestKing) on 7 June to record the first episode of her new political podcast, The Turnout which airs twice a week until the General Election on 4 July.

The podcast aims to encourage young people to vote in the upcoming General Election on 4 July by discussing the current lack of political engagement among young people, exploring how politics influences daily life, and shining a light on issues that matter to young people.

GK Barry said: “I’m 24, I’ve always voted but loads of my mates don’t bother –  but this time round, I want it to be different. Only about 50% of young people vote – millions and millions of us who could go to the polls don’t get there. There was a recent report that said that 18-24 year olds think that voting in a reality TV show makes more of a difference than voting in elections, which absolutely blows my mind.”

During her visit to the WestKing’s King’s Cross Centre, GK Barry spoke to a number of students about their understanding of politics and discussed how political parties can make information more accessible to younger voters.

GK Barry was joined by comedian and political commentator Nish Kumar, who talked about how important it is for young people to vote on 4 July and shared his concerns about the upcoming election.

Nish Kumar said: “If we want to drag the conversation back towards things that affect young people like education, housing, the climate – that’s only gonna happen if young people vote en masse. He also said: “It feels like there’s a real sense of apathy around this election and I’m concerned that the turnout is going to be low.”

There are many ways to get involved in politics, if you’re over 18 and a British Citizen, one of the most important ways to be politically involved and make your voice heard is to vote.

The deadline to register to vote is 18 June and election day is 4 July. If you’re unsure about how to register, check out our essential guide on how to register to vote.

It’s also essential that you bring photo ID with you (e.g. passport, driving license) on election day.

Don’t forget to register to vote by 18 June so that you can vote in the General Election on 4 July!

CANDI students embrace Esports at Red Bull Gaming Sphere

Students from CANDI visit Red Bull Gaming Sphere to compete against other colleges in a FIFA tournament

Students from Capital City College Group (CCCG)’s Centre for Applied Sciences and Centre for Business, Arts and Technology (CBAT) visited the Red Bull Gaming Sphere on 23 April to participate in a gaming tournament. The Red Bull Gaming Sphere is an East London tournament venue and creator space that supports esports professionals and gaming communities.

During the event, a group of eight CANDI students took part in the FIFA23 North London Championship Tournament. The competition was hosted by Rumble Esports and Natascia Bernardi, Student Engagement Officer at CANDI, organised the student visit. Rumble Esports is an organisation that aims to bring gamers together and encourage them to showcase their skills in a friendly community-driven setting.

Also available on the day was a reaction response machine that challenged competitors to test their reflexes with a range of speed tests. One CCCG student, Tristan Smiley, won the speed reaction test and was awarded a cash prize.

The students competed in the FIFA23 Tournament and showcased their esports skills, with many of them progressing beyond the first round. Students Alex Mertiris, Ben Bor-Thompson, Emiko Eyetsetunokan and Yusuf Turkmen reached the second round of the competition. Jayden Miller reached the third round of the tournament and Michael Mainoo did extremely well, reaching the quarter-finals before being knocked out.

In addition to gaining direct experience in an esports tournament, the students were also able to interact with other competitors who came from a range of London colleges.

Natascia Bernadi, Student Engagement Officer at CANDI, said: “I found this tournament very inclusive as students that are not always able to be included in sports or physical activities are capable of competing and performing as well as getting to meet other like-minded people.”

If you have an interest in Esports and computer games, why not take a look at our Esports courses? For those looking to participate in Esports alongside their studies, CCCG has its own Esports Academy, offering access to a fully-equipped Esports training centre with guidance and training from a professional Esports coach.

Find out how you can join the Esports Academy!

Students progress to Regional Qualifiers in WorldSkills UK Laboratory Technician Competition

CANDI science students perform well in first round and continue to second stage of WorldSkills UK Laboratory Technician competition.

A group of eight Science students from City and Islington College (CANDI) have successfully made it through the initial stages of the WorldSkills UK competition in the Laboratory Technician Competition. They will be competing in the regional qualifiers, which are due to take place at Middlesex University on 13 June.

The WorldSkills UK competition provides students with the opportunity to expand their subject knowledge and challenge themselves in a competitive environment. With more students from CCCG entering the WorldSkills competition each year, learners from across the college group have taken the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete against their peers.

In the first round of the competition, the students completed an online workbook which assessed their maths and laboratory skills. They all scored highly thanks to their exceptional laboratory techniques and are now able to continue to the regional phase of the competition.

The eight qualifying students, who are studying either Laboratory Sciences – T Level or Applied Science – Level 3 Extended Diploma courses are:

  • Kiyan Addo
  • Quluuda Ahmed
  • Elisa Campione-Viscido
  • Armony Hermitt
  • Sogdiana Mamurova
  • Armante Masaityte
  • Mobasherah Sabet
  • Beren Yapici

Any students that make it through the regional stage will progress to the National Finals in November, where they will have the chance to compete for a medal in their category. In 2023, CANDI student Dante Senior came third Laboratory Technician challenge at the National Finals, bringing home a bronze medal.

We wish you all the best in the next stage of the WorldSkills UK Competition!

WestKing celebrates Korean Cuisine Month with exciting culinary events

WestKing’s School of Culinary Arts and Hospitality spotlighted Korean food by hosting Korean Cuisine Workshops and showcasing Korean dishes in its restaurant.

Westminster Kingsway College (WestKing) celebrated Korean cuisine as it hosted a month of mouth-watering activities. Korean Cuisine Month, organised in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Centre UK, included a series of Korean Cuisine Workshops and a Korean Cuisine Menu Week at The Brasserie, part of WestKing’s unique dining venue, The Vincent Rooms.

The series of Korean Cuisine Workshops took place between 27 April and 18 May at WestKing’s School of Culinary Arts and Hospitality and covered K-street food, kimchi and vegan dishes. Participants enjoyed being able to learn new skills and gain hands-on culinary experience within the college’s professional kitchens. The informative and highly enjoyable workshops received positive feedback from those attending for their simplicity and organisation.
Participants said:

  • “Very nice venue, great teaching and good class size.”
  • “Great course, learned lots of tips and surprised myself in being able to make all the dishes.”
  • “Excellent teacher, very clear explanations and tasty food.”

The celebration of Korean Cuisine extended to WestKing’s restaurant, The Brasserie, where Korean Menu Week took place from 7 May to 10 May. The week-long special menu featured a range of traditional Korean dishes such as Kimchijeon (Kimchi pancakes), Beef Bulgogi Mandu, Bibimbap, Korean Fried Chicken and Hottoek (sweet-filled pancakes) with Makgeolli ice cream – all prepared and served by students at WestKing’s School of Culinary Arts and Hospitality

Korean Menu Week proved extremely popular with diners at The Brasserie, and 173 guests visited the restaurant during the event. The Brasserie also welcomed Dr. Seunghye Sun, Director of Korean Cultural Centre UK, who dined in the restaurant on 7 May to celebrate the launch of the Korean Menu Week.

Dr. Seunghye Sun said: “Food is the fusion of taste and aesthetics. Taste is both an ancient memory and a contemporary one. I hope that this precious opportunity to intuitively experience Korean aesthetics through flavour will create new memories, connecting Korea and the UK, and contributing to a future rich in diversity and inclusivity. We value our continued successful partnership with Westminster Kingsway College on this project since 2021.

The Korean dishes served at The Brasserie also received praise from Jihun Maxime Kim, Executive Head Chef of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, who said: “I dined in the Vincent Rooms during Korean menu week and was very impressed. A well thought out menu and authentic tasting dishes. I congratulate WestKing and KCCUK on a great collaboration.”

If you’re interested in learning about international cuisine and advancing your culinary skills, apply for Hospitality and Culinary Arts Courses.

WestKing Business students organise fundraiser to support local charities

Level 3 Business Students at WestKing host a fundraiser to raise money for three local charitable organisations. 

Students from Westminster Kingsway College (WestKing) hosted a special event on 30 April at the college’s King’s Cross Centre to raise funds for three local charities.

The students, who are studying for the Business Enterprise and Innovation – Level 3 Extended Diploma, planned, promoted and carried out a range of fundraising activities to support Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, Young Camden Foundation, and Let’s Get Talking

The three local charities have particular relevance to young people.

  • Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity supports young people and their families, funds research into children’s health, provides life-saving medical equipment and contributes to the rebuilding and refurbishing of the hospital site
  • Young Camden Foundation supports young people by building partnerships which provide communities with important resources and funding
  • Let’s Get Talking provides education for young people about health and crime, with a particular focus on drug awareness and knife crime

The students organised stalls selling delicious treats including cakes and sweets and popular accessories such as sunglasses and phone cases. Visitors to the fundraising event were able to change their look and decorate themselves with temporary tattoos and eyelashes. For those looking to participate in competitive activities, there was also the opportunity to take part in basketball games and darts matches.

The fundraising event organised by WestKing’s Business students raised over £300 and was divided between the three local charities.

Congratulations to the Level 3 Business Students on supporting local charities through your fundraising activities!

Find out more about how you can get involved in volunteering activities to support the community and learn new skills.

CANDI hosts colourful Culture Day event to celebrate diverse student body

Staff and students at CANDI host an exciting Culture Day celebration across its three college sites.

City and Islington College (CANDI) hosted an exciting celebration of multiculturalism as it welcomed students and staff to take part in Culture Day.

The event, which took place on 29 April, involved around 20 student volunteers who ran events across CANDI’s four sites, the Centre for Business, Arts and Technology in Camden Road (CBAT), the Sixth Form College and Centre for Applied Sciences in Angel and the Centre for Lifelong Learning in Finsbury Park.

The student volunteers made posters to publicise the event and collaborated to create a multicultural playlist featuring songs from around the world. They also styled the event space with flag bunting and a balloon arch.

During the event, over 500 students took part in a range of exciting activities that showcased the wonderful range of cultures represented across CANDI’s colleges. Students were invited to wear clothing from their cultures or flags which represented their home nation or cultural heritage. 

The student volunteers showcased their skills and creativity by organising a range of Culture Day activities which included:

  • A henna stall where students could have intricate designs applied to their skin
  • A giant map for students to place a sticker on to mark their cultural roots. By the end of the event, the map was covered in colourful dots showing the diversity of the CANDI community
  • A badge-making stall where students could create pin badges of different flags
  • A flag trivia quiz that challenged students to match 12 flags to the appropriate country
  • A performance by the CANDI dance group
  • Sharing music and dance styles from different cultures. Students were able to request songs and this led to some wonderful spontaneous dancing

The event was a joyful celebration of diversity and multiculturalism. Students enjoyed sharing elements from their own cultural backgrounds and learning more about the culture of their peers.

Student volunteer Deimante Sidoraviciute, who is a Year 12 Sixth Form College studying A Levels in English Literature, Sociology, and Psychology, said: “Culture Day meant a lot to me as I was able to learn different cultures. It was amazing looking at the map and seeing the variety of countries people were from. The highlight of the day was seeing all the cultural attire and the dances as well as the music.”

Another student volunteer from the Sixth Form College, Chanel Haake, who is studying A Levels in Sociology, Philosophy, and Politics, said: “Thank you for coordinating such a special event, we really appreciate it as well. A truly unforgettable experience!

Catherine Quinn, Deputy Head of School CANDI’s Sixth Form College, said: “Today has been absolutely gorgeous for our students! [I] got a bit emotional earlier hearing the students talk about it!”

At Capital City College Group (CCCG), we take every opportunity to celebrate the diversity of our staff and student body and remain committed to meeting the needs of our learners within a multicultural society.

Find out more about college life at CCCG!

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