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Delivering a T Level Placement

Are you an employer eager to provide and support valuable student placements for T Levels, unlocking opportunities for practical learning and shaping the future workforce?

At CCCG we are proud to provide T Level training with support from employer placements that offer hands-on real-life experiences and pave the way for students to achieve a successful career in their chosen industry.

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T Level programs are designed to equip students with a combination of technical knowledge and practical skills, making them well-prepared for the demands of the workplace. By providing a placement, the organisation can give the students real-world experience, allowing them to apply their learning in a professional industry-relevant setting. This not only helps the student to develop their skills and confidence but also allows the organisation to tap into the student’s fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and up-to-date knowledge.

Offering a placement to a T Level student demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to investing in the next generation of talent, fostering a positive reputation as an employer that supports youth development by contributing to the growth and development of a promising young professional.

For more information on T Level placements, please read our frequently asked questions below.

What are T Level placements?

T Levels are a 2-year course that offers a combination of classroom and workplace learning, designed with employers, to give students the skills that industries need. They are ideal if students want to get hands-on experience and learn skills that will help them get a job in a technical profession, for example, Engineering, Science, Accountancy, or Media.

T Levels are supported by The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and National Apprenticeship Service (part of ESFA), working with employers to design the industry placement around the student.

Find out more about T Levels.

What T Level placements are available at CCCG?

Subject areas for 2024 can include:

  • Animal Care and Management
  • Business, Management and Administration
  • Construction and the Built Environment – Building Services Engineering
  • Construction and the Built Environment – Design, Surveying and Planning
  • Construction and the Built Environment – Onsite Construction
  • Creative and Design – Craft and Design
  • Creative and Design – Media Broadcast and Production
  • Digital – Production, Design and Development
  • Education and Early Years
  • Engineering and Manufacturing – Design and Development
  • Engineering and Manufacturing – Maintenance, Installation and Repair
  • Health and Science – Optical Care Services
  • Health and Science – Technical: Laboratory Sciences
  • Legal, Finance and Accounting
  • Marketing

How are T Levels different to an Apprenticeship?

T Levels are based on the same principle as Apprenticeships, however, where an Apprenticeship is typically 80% on-the-job and 20% in the classroom, T Levels are more classroom-based but are combined with an industry placement. The total time for the 2-year T Level course is approx. 1,800 hours, a significant increase on current technical education courses.

How can I get involved as an employer?

Every T Level course includes an on-the-job industry placement with an employer, with 315 hours (approximately 45 days) of content and training within their chosen sector, either as day release or a block of days together. Workplace learning focuses on developing the practical and technical skills students need to build a career and learn from employers in a professional environment.

As an employer, you can provide an industry placement for one or more students, to accompany their studies and provide on-the-job training.

For more information on providing a T Level placement please visit the gov website here.

Who can offer industry placements?

If you are an employer in England, you can offer an industry placement to a T Level student. 

Industry placements must take place in a work environment, so it’s a good idea to offer placements via a T Level school or college that’s close to your organisation’s premises. 

Before you offer a placement, you should make sure you’re happy with your responsibilities as an employer.

What are the benefits of offering a T Level placement?


  • Grow your talent pipeline
  • Attract a new generation of recruits from new sources
  • Tackle skill shortages
  • A chance to see potential future recruits using their skills and abilities
  • Streamline recruitment processes

Skilled hands to support productivity

  • Students bringing in skills for specific projects and tasks
  • Support for growing teams
  • Young people with new skills coming into your industry

New ideas

  • Fresh eyes
  • New skills
  • Up-to-date learning
  • Innovative work practices
  • Increased creativity
  • Influencing learning for young people entering your industry


  • Among potential new recruits and more widely
  • Demonstrate a commitment to diversity
  • Create case studies to promote your credentials as a good employer
  • Promote your record as a learning and development organisation

Staff development and satisfaction

  • Opportunities for your staff to be buddies, mentors or line managers
  • Opportunities for staff to gain new management and mentoring skills
  • Your people feel valued, challenged and developed
  • Diverse teams with students who liven up the work environment


  • Become recognised as being innovative and forward-thinking
  • Be seen to be addressing critical issues
  • Raise your profile with customers, as industry placements become well known

Build relationships in the community

  • Get to know local colleges, schools and other providers
  • Network with other employers to share placements experience and best practice

How are T Level placements assessed?

T Levels assessment combines examinations on core skills, with practical skills tests including portfolios, group work, practical projects, and on-the-job tasks set by the employer. T Levels are graded A* – E which is the same as A Levels. There are 3 main development areas:

CORE – Knowledge and understanding

  • Provides content relevant to the course
  • Contexts, concepts, theories, and principles

CORE – Employer set project

  • Skills required to develop a substantial piece of work in response to an employer-set brief
  • Opportunity to develop and apply core skills for employability

Occupational specialist content

  • Knowledge and skills necessary for employment
  • Organised around performance outcomes

What are the costs and do I have to pay the student?

T Level industry placements are a free government scheme – you don’t need to pay to take on a T Level student for a placement.

There is no legal requirement or expectation that T Level students will be paid. T Levels are designed to provide students with high-quality, industry-standard work experience gaining on-the-job training and knowledge and putting to practice their skills learnt through study. Students are not entitled to a salary as the placement is part of further education. You can, if you wish, support your student who has a placement at your workplace with payment towards travel, meals and expenses (similar to an internship).

What admin is involved?

There will be some admin required for T Levels placement which is similar to the usual processes of a new recruit however we are here to help support you and will make sure that any administration that’s needed is as streamlined as possible for you and that it complies with the appropriate guidelines.

What support will I receive?

We will help support you during both the initial recruitment process and throughout the placement by providing guidance and resources to ensure a seamless integration of students into the workplace, and by facilitating regular communication and feedback between the employer, students, and college to optimise the learning experience and address any challenges that may arise.

To find out more information about delivering T Levels, please visit the gov website here.

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