Sports Academies

Sports Academies

Our Sports Academies are partnered with local professional organisations to give you the best training, advice, and opportunities and allow you to combine your academic course with sports training of your choice.

All our Sports Academies come equipped with one-to-one training with professional coaches, full use of the colleges’ sports facilities, personalised strength, conditioning, exercise and nutrition programmes, medical support and a sportswear kit. Our academies are suitable for students aged 16-18, and welcome players of all skill levels.

You can fit our academies around your studying. Check out our full list of sport related courses including Personal Training, Sports Level 1, 2 and 3, Nutrition and Health, Sport Psychology and Sport and Active Leisure Injury, Illness and Rehabilitation.

Choose an academy below to find out more and register your interest:


Our Athletics Academy provides elite training, support, guidance, coaching and allow you to enter athletics competitions.


Our Basketball Academy provides training, support, coaching and a bespoke preparation and placement programme.


Join CONEL’s official e-sports team, the CONEL Cyphers and compete with other students against other colleges.


Our Football Academy is affiliated with a major football club to offer professional football coaching and training.

Martial Arts

Our Martial Arts Academy provides opportunities to practice martial arts and prepare for competitions.


Our Netball Academy provides professional coaching, guidance and medical support to compete in the netball league.

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