Art, Design and Fashion

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Art, Design and Fashion

The creative industries are growing faster than any other sector in the UK, so if you have creative flair and are looking for a future in art, design or fashion, there’s never been a better time to study with us.

The creative industries have received significant investment over recent years and continue to be at the heart of London’s economy, so we are perfectly located to help you begin your career. If you are interested in this exciting area, our facilities and courses will equip you with the techniques and entrepreneurial skills needed to succeed from our centres in the heart of the city. 

We are part of the Knowledge Quarter, which works with a number of employers including The Place, The Guardian and Google, ensuring that our industry contacts will enable you to have hands-on experience in real life settings. We have many industry specialists that visit our centres, delivering talks to inspire and motivate you to succeed in this dynamic, creative world.

Career options at a glance include:

Art, Design and Fashion
No Preference
A Levels
A Levels – Intensive
Access to Higher Education
Accounting and Bookkeeping
Animal Care & Veterinary Nursing
Art, Design and Fashion
Business and Professional Services
Computing and IT
Construction and Plumbing
Digital Bootcamps
Digital Media and Creative Computing
Employability Skills
English and Maths
Facilities and Estates Management
Foundation and Supported Learning
Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy
Health and Social Care
Higher Education
Hospitality and Culinary Arts
Human Resources
Languages - Spanish
Modern Foreign Languages
Music and Music Production
Performing Arts
Public Services
Railway Engineering
Science & Forensics
Sport and Fitness
Sports Science
T Levels
Teaching and Teacher Education
Travel and Tourism
Course type
No Preference
Full Time
Part Time
No Preference
Entry Level
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
I am...
No Preference
a school leaver (16-18)
an adult student (19+)
No Preference
Centre for Applied Sciences, Angel
Centre for Business, Arts and Technology, Camden Road
Centre for Lifelong Learning, Finsbury Park
Enfield Centre
Kings Cross Centre
Regents Park Centre
Sixth Form College, Angel
Sixth Form Hub, Enfield
Soho Centre
Tottenham Centre
Victoria Centre
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