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Martial Arts Academy

Our Martial Arts Academy is the first of its kind in London. The academy provides opportunities for you to practice martial arts, identify and develop your talent, and increase your opportunities and experiences.

Martial Arts Academy

What are the benefits of joining the Academy?

All athletes in our Martial Arts Academy will receive:

  • Free training kit, tracksuit and kit bag
  • Professional coaching for 6 hours per week in our Enfield Centre sports facility
  • Entry into competitions
  • Affiliation to National Governing Bodies
  • On site medical support for injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Free access to the college gym and fitness suite under coach supervision
  • Free fitness, strength and conditioning, exercise and nutrition programmes designed and monitored for you

In addition to the above, Elite Academy players will receive:

  • 15 hours of professional martial arts coaching per week
  • Open access to daily training facilities
  • Individual technical development programme
  • Performance testing and analysis
  • Cognitive neuroscience support to develop focus
  • Opportunity to become a college-sponsored athlete – value of up to £2500 per year
  • Opportunity to attend international competitions and training camps

What are the entry requirements?

To be considered for the Martial Arts Academy, you must be:

2023 Trial Sessions

We have a range of Trial Sessions (see dates below) which will run between 12 – 2pm at the Enfield Campus, EN3 5HA. Register now via the form below!

  • Coming soon…

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Martial Arts Academy
Martial Arts Academy
Martial Arts Academy
Martial Arts Academy
Martial Arts Academy
Martial Arts Academy
Martial Arts Academy
Martial Arts Academy

How to Apply

All our courses are part of the academies. Choose a relevant course, and the Academy will then work with you to ensure you are able to access the course.
See our full list of CCCG courses here. If you are unsure of which study path to take, check out our level equivalence table.

Interested in joining the Martial Arts Academy? Contact us by filling out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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