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Studying A Levels

Studying A Levels at one of our colleges with us gives you options and flexibility; a Sixth Form College in Islington, or an A Level centre within 5 minutes of King’s Cross with the perfect hybrid of support and freedom – you are treated as an adult, so you’re ready for university, but given the support you need to succeed in your A Levels.

  • Find out more about our Sixth Form College (City and Islington College) here
  • Find out more about our A Level centre at Westminster Kingsway College here

Many of our students go on to study at Russell Group universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and King’s College London.

We have designed specific Career Pathways to help you choose a programme of A Levels that will help your future progression to university and employment.  In addition to your chosen subjects, you will also benefit from our outstanding enrichment opportunities and work experience, helping to broaden your knowledge, understanding and skills within your field of interest.

If you study at our colleges, you won’t have assemblies or have to wear a uniform, and you’ll be studying in a diverse community, with people from across London and the South East. Our teachers are A Level specialists, many of them are examiners and some have PhDs.

Sixth Form College in Angel (City and Islington College) offers the largest range of A Levels in London – with the option of doing four A Levels if you meet the criteria – and has specially designed classrooms and workshops, as well as a well-stocked library, social spaces and a café, creating a vibrant, sociable place to study.

A Levels are also available at the King’s Cross centre of Westminster Kingsway College, where many A Level subjects have 100% pass rates, and also has workshops with industry-recommended equipment, a well-stocked library, social spaces and a café, creating a vibrant, sociable place to study.

Find out more about the different A Level entry criteria for each college here.

At Westminster Kingsway College, our Intensive A Level programme allows you to complete a full A Level in a year. This is ideal if you have already completed a Level 3 qualification and wish to gain further UCAS points to study at university.

Are you interested in studying A Level courses at one of our colleges? Why not come to an Open Day and check out our facilities for yourself; if you already know what you’d like to study, find out more about how to apply.

Apply for A Levels

With more than 30 A Level subjects to choose from, we offer the largest range of A levels in London

Student Support

Our Student Services team are here to support, encourage and help you thrive

Portfolio advice for creative subjects

If you’re looking to study an A Level in a visual arts subject, but do not have a grade 5 or above in an art-related GCSE subject, we will ask to see a portfolio of your work. We have put together some guidance and advice to help you build your digital portfolio. Read our Portfolio Advice here.

Course Fees and Financial Help

Introduction to Starting College

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are many differences between studying for A Levels at school and college, and you may not have come across ‘application and enrolment’ before you join us. Here we’ve compiled some of the questions we get asked most often – and the answers:

How do I apply for A Levels?

Our website works in the same way as your favourite online shops. Find the A Level you would like to to apply for and click ‘Apply Online’ to add it to your basket. Repeat for your other A Level choices – we recommend choosing at least three.

Once you’ve applied, we will invite you for an interview. If you’ve also applied for vocational courses, you will be invited for separate interviews for those, in addition to your A Levels interview.

Can I apply to study A Levels if I am no longer in year 11?

At our CANDI Sixth Form College, we only accept applications from students who are currently in Year 11; this means we do not accept applications from those who wish to restart or resit Year 12 nor those who wish to join us for Year 13.

However, our Westminster Kingsway College (WestKing) accepts applications from those currently in Year 12. Have a look at the A Level options available and make an application, Click here to see the WestKing A level list.

What happens in the interview?

We use interviews to get to know our students before they join us at Capital City College Group, so we can ensure your programme of study is right for you.

Your interview is not a test, so you are not required to carry out revision beforehand. We will expect you to show an interest and enthusiasm for the subjects you want to study and may ask you about the topics you have studied at school, to help us understand which pathways are most appropriate for you.

You will also be asked about your time at school, including your attendance and punctuality record. If you live a long distance from the college, we will discuss this with you to make sure that you have considered how you will manage your journey to us.

At the end of the interview, we will agree a conditional programme of study with you – we will send you an email to confirm what we have discussed.

When will my interview be?

Once you apply, you will be invited to book an interview through the MyCollege account.

Will I be asked difficult questions about the subjects I have chosen?

No, the purpose of the one to one interview with a teacher is to explore you’re A Level subject choices to ensure these are right for you. We will be asking you why you have chosen these subjects and discuss your future career plans – university, apprenticeship or employment. Additionally, at enrolment in August, you will have another detailed discussion about your A level choices and your intended career pathway. In this way we ensure you have made the right choices.

Will I be asked about my school record?

No, although you will have a detailed enrolment interview, but this will focus on your combination of subjects and career destination. 

I have additional learning needs – will these be discussed during the interview?

If you have a particular learning need you will be invited to a separate face to face interview where you can talk to the Additional Learning Support (ALS) team. We want to do everything we can to support your studies at the college and we will need to know what your needs are in order to help you. If you indicated in your application that you have a significant support need you will be interviewed by a specialist from our Inclusive Learning team. 

Can a parent/guardian sit in on the interview with me?

Parents/guardians are welcome to accompany you to the college, however the one to one interview should be the applicant and teacher only (unless there is a special consideration). Parent/ guardian are however welcome to attend the group presentation during the second half of the session.

I have also applied for another Capital City College Group course, will the interview be held at the same time?

If you have applied for another course at the college, you will need to book a separate interview for that course. 

I did not attend my interview, can I book another one?

You will automatically receive another email with the option to re-book a second interview. Please make sure to log in to MyCollege account.

What will happen at the end of my interview?

Once your application is approved by the teacher doing your one to one interview you will receive a conditional offer via email, you will need to accept the offer through theMyCollege account.

If you give me a conditional offer, am I guaranteed a place on my chosen A Levels?

Places are conditional on you achieving the required grades at GCSE, places are limited but you are prioritised when you have accepted and met our conditional offer. 

What if I don’t get the GCSE grades I need?

Don’t worry! Although we may need to reassess your situation, we offer a wide variety of courses at many different levels – come in for your enrolment interview as planned, and we can discuss the best option for you then.

I have accepted my offer, what should I do now?

You will be invited to our taster events in the first week of July where you will have the opportunity to participate in planned subject specific activities, talk to teachers about courses and college life, and meet other students that will be joining us in September 

What is enrolment, and how do I enrol?

Enrolment is the name of the process that allows you to study at our colleges. You will get your ID card, your student login details (for emails, MyDay – our app, which contains all the information you need to study with us) and timetable information.

We usually begin enrolling new students in late August. We will send you an email with your enrolment date and time once you have accepted your offer.

What if I change my mind about the courses I have chosen?

There will be an opportunity for you to reconsider your choices – however, it is important that you are serious about the choices that you make. When you come to enrolment in August you can make any final changes to your programme provided;  

  • you have achieved the required grades 
  • the balance of your programme is sensible 
  • and we still have places on the subject you want to take

When does teaching start?

Our A Levels commence teaching in September. Once you have been offered a place, we will get in touch with you to advise you of your enrolment dates in August and September.

Once you’ve enrolled, we will give you the exact start dates and times for your chosen course. Most of our courses follow our main term dates.

When will I have classes?

Classes usually take place between 9am and 5pm on Monday to Friday. However, the exact times will vary depending on your chosen course. Your teacher will be able to advise you of the full timetable during induction.

Will I have free time in-between classes?

There will be times when you do not have timetabled classes – our A Levels involve 3-4 days of teaching per week. However, you will be expected to use this time for private study and to complete your homework.

What should I wear to college?

At our colleges, each of our students is individual and that is reflected in what they choose to wear! We don’t have a uniform, nor do we stop you wearing make-up or styling your hair how you want to. All we ask is that you don’t wear any offensive slogans or statements on your clothing. For some courses there may be required clothing that you will need to wear whilst you are undertaking certain tasks; for example, laboratory coats for science experiments.

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