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T Level Work Placements

During the work placement part of the T Level, you will work as a member of the team and have designated tasks and areas of responsibility, just like you would in a real work situation.

Here is an example of potential tasks that you would be expected to complete during the work placement. This example is for a Health and Science T Level.

Job Description and Specification

This is an example of a potential job description.

Job Title: Laboratory Scientist (Student)

Responsible to (Manager): Daniella Plummer

Salary: Voluntary (unpaid)

Job Role: As a Laboratory Science T Level student, you will be responsible for assisting with laboratory experiments and research projects under the supervision of experienced laboratory scientists. You will work as part of a team to carry out various laboratory tests and procedures, maintain laboratory equipment and materials, and record and analyse experimental data. You will also be responsible for following safety protocols and procedures and ensuring that all laboratory activities are carried out in accordance with industry regulations and standards.

General Responsibilities (under supervision):

  1. Assist laboratory scientists with experimental procedures and protocols
  2. Set up laboratory equipment and materials for experiments
  3. Collect and record data from laboratory experiments
  4. Prepare samples for analysis and testing
  5. Maintain laboratory equipment and materials and ensure that they are in good working condition
  6. Follow safety protocols and procedures to ensure a safe laboratory environment
  7. Analyse experimental data and prepare reports on findings
  8. Collaborate with laboratory scientists and team members to complete projects on time and within budget
  9. Attend training sessions and workshops to develop new laboratory skills and knowledge
  10. Maintain accurate and up-to-date laboratory records and documentation
  11. Follow Standard Operating Procedures and regulatory requirements and all Health and Safety requirements
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