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Japanese Students Visit Enfield Centre to Learn About Nursing in the UK

50 students from Japanese nursing school, Saitama Medical University Junior College, visited The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London’s Enfield Centre yesterday, Tuesday 26 February 2019, to gain a greater understanding of the way nursing is taught in the UK.

Japanese Students Visit Enfield Centre to Learn About Nursing in the UK

The Japanese students were keen to see how teaching and practice differs between the UK and Japan, so the group divided their time between visiting CONEL and a local hospice. At CONEL, the students and their tutors were greeted by Access to Nursing tutor, Christine Peck, who introduced them to our Nursing Access to Higher Education Diploma students, before running workshops to help students discover what similarities and differences there are between them, and to help them learn from each other.

Christine Peck, said: “Today has been very interesting. I think it will make my students appreciate how broad their course is, despite it being difficult. In the UK we go into a lot more detail about mental health, sociology and psychology than they do in Japan. The Japanese students are very interested in the NHS as it is so different from their healthcare system and were shocked at how much work our access students do in just 9 months.”

Lunch gave our students and their Japanese counterparts the chance to learn about each other’s courses and cultures. CONEL student Doreen Addo said: “Getting to talk to the Japanese students has been very insightful, especially finding out how they pick their courses and modules. It’s also interesting to know that their courses are funded the same way as ours – either by parents, loans or scholarships.”

Student Nashania Johnson said: “Talking to our visitors was really motivating.  They liked the way we are taught to think and work independently by our tutors, and they felt that our course was challenging but also very interesting.  We have so much in common and were touched that they wanted us to visit them”.

CONEL was recommended to the traveling school by Miki Travel after all 25 Nursing Access to HE Diploma students were successfully places in Higher Education institutions.

When asked for his reflections on the day, Saitama Medical University Junior College tutor, Atsushi Katsuhisa, said: “It was very excellent and easy to understand. Very good for our students and we found CONEL a very good college.”

CONEL student Ashley Kalulu, told us: “Meeting the students from Japan and learning how much they wanted to know about our training in Enfield made me much more motivated and appreciative of the Access course. It has increased my determination to do well”.


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