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Creative Media students’ talent secures work placements with animation studio

Creative Media students’ talent secures work placements with animation studio

Creative Media students from City and Islington College (CANDI) have won two-week work placements at an award-winning animation studio after impressing with their own short films.

Cainan Corlett, James Wallace-Budd and Jayden Fortunato all secured placements with Blinkink after taking part in a competition to showcase their creative talent.

Creative Media Production Level 3 Diploma students were asked to create a short film using an audio clip from their favourite scene in a film, TV show or animation on the Islington studio’s website.

Cainan created his own stop-motion version of Blinkink’s animation Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared using part of the original soundtrack, while James did the opposite and created his own audio to a video clip from the Channel 4 series that started on YouTube.

Jayden used audio of a poem read by the late world boxing heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali over a video of the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Captain America.

Cainan Corlett’s version of Blinkink’s animation Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared.

The three students were among a group of Creative Media students who visited the company near the college’s Centre for Business, Arts and Technology last month.

During the visit the group were given presentations by Blinkink animators Reg Isaac and Ewa Luczkow who shared their advice on how to get into the industry.

They also spoke to students about different types of animation and the animation process including storyboarding, concept art, model making and character design.

Cainan, 17, said: “When I was younger, I would play on my brother’s PS2 and wanted to get into games design, but as I got older I started looking at animated music videos by bands like Gorillaz and thought I want to do something more like this.

“I originally did GCSE Media Studies, which further sparked my interest and then I came to college to study it further. I began to think I can make this work, especially with opportunities like this with Blinkink. The future is definitely looking bright.

“I’m interested in animation, but not sure personally how good I am at it. They say you miss every shot you don’t take, so let’s see what I can do. If I put my head down and work towards it then it definitely could happen.

“You think it is impossible to get a foot into this industry, but being at Blinkink and hearing how many animators start freelance and then go on to work with a production studio, has made it feel much more accessible.”

Creative Media students’ talent secures work placements with animation studio

Mohamed Elsherbiny, 18, who also visited the studio, said: “My passion for animation comes from gaming and watching animated movies. I’ve always been interested in seeing behind the scenes and how it’s done and think I would really enjoy it.

“My family would always push me to draw, make videos and use my creativity. I’ve learnt a lot about things that I wasn’t familiar with before about mood boards and storyboards. That really impressed me. I didn’t realise it took so long to create all the scenes.”

Blinkink is part of Blink, a BAFTA award-winning production company established in 1985, which has also scooped accolades at the Cannes Lions Festival, British Television Advertising Awards and British Animation Awards.

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