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CCCG Students take part in Turing Scheme trip to South Korea

Students from across the college group have embarked on an exciting three-week trip to South Korea taking in colleges, culture and the country’s capital.

A group of students from Capital City College Group (CCCG) departed for South Korea on 23 March for a three-week trip as part of the Turing Scheme. The Turing Scheme, which honours the legacy of the British mathematician and scientist Alan Turing, is the UK’s global programme for studying, working and living abroad. It offers unique opportunities to students from all backgrounds, enabling them to study and work around the world.

CCCG Students take part in Turing Scheme trip to South Korea

The 28 CCCG students currently visiting South Korea come from across the college group, and are studying a range of courses at City and Islington College (CANDI),  Westminster Kingsway College (WestKing), The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London (CONEL) and Capital City College Training (CCCT). During their trip, the students are staying at Keimyung College University (KMCU) in Daegu followed by Kyungbuk College (KBC) in Gyeongbuk before heading to the capital city of Seoul.

The Turing Scheme aims to foster connections between organisations, allowing them to forge partnerships that benefit their students. CCCG’s role in this is no exception, and this is the third time that students from CCCG have visited both KMCU and KBC.

Before embarking on the trip, students completed a 10-week course in Korean at CCCG, giving them the opportunity to arrive with some knowledge of the Korean language. Since arriving, in addition to Korean lessons, the students have been able to take part in a range of activities including Taekwondo, creative pottery and painting, visits to various museums and a traditional tea ceremony. They have also had time to practise and improve their Korean language skills, socialise with new-found friends, and explore the local area.

CCCG Students take part in Turing Scheme trip to South Korea

The trip provides students the opportunity to experience college life in another country as well as enabling them to consider employment opportunities outside of the UK. Each student from CCCG is paired with a local student for the duration of their stay at each college, giving them the chance to learn more about Korean life and culture.

Tas, whose son Adam Davies-Shahjahan is taking part in the trip, said: “Adam has always been fascinated with the Far East and wanted to travel there, so when this fantastic opportunity arose, he couldn’t wait to apply. It really is an extraordinary and brilliant experience for him – and the staff, students and itinerary of experiences have all been exemplary. I would like to thank the Turing Scheme and the wonderful people in South Korea for this chance of a lifetime. “

The Turing Scheme provides the development of a range of skills and enables students to broaden their understanding of other countries and cultures. The CCCG students currently in South Korea have given incredibly positive feedback about the trip, with each person’s unique experience impacting them in a variety of ways.

Molly Langley said: “My experience so far has been thrilling, amazing and inspiring. I’ve felt so welcomed and cared for but also I’ve felt very independent being away from home and discovering a new country/city. It has made me grow to become more confident and more sociable, especially with my Korean buddies despite the language barrier.[…] I have made so many new friends and have gained so many amazing memories with these new friends that’ll last forever.”

Karen Mukoko said: “This trip so far has been nothing short of exceptional. I knew that coming to another country would bring new experiences but I didn’t expect to have so much fun. We’ve had Korean lessons, gone shopping in downtown Daegu, explored popular tourist spots, learnt Taekwondo and hip-hop, participated in a Korean tea ceremony and done karaoke. The landscapes are stunning and the people are very hospitable and kind. Korea is a beautiful country which I’ll be very sad to leave.”

Michael Martinez Llumiquinga said: “This experience has been amazing to me as it has helped me develop in terms of confidence and personal growth like talking to others and has expanded my knowledge further as I have learned a new language and its culture.”

We hope you all enjoy the rest of your visit to South Korea!

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