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Digital Futures

If you’re a Londoner aged between 18 and 24, looking to expand your digital skills to work in this exciting sector, our specialist FREE Digital Futures programme can help equip you with highly sought-after experience and knowledge.

Digital Futures is delivered online over 6 weeks, giving you the opportunity to conceptualise, design, brand and prototype your own digital products. You will develop your creative ideas in a variety of ways, ranging from websites, mobile apps, e-magazines, online shops, podcasts, portfolios or showreels, and blogs, amongst others. The programme gives you an introduction to digital work experience and CV development within the creative media sector.

The course will help you:

  • Understand the core business and marketing concepts behind a digital product strategy 
  • Learn the basic technical aspects of a typical digital product lifecycle 
  • Become familiar with methods and tools for virtual product development and digital planning 
  • Learn the essentials elements involved in prototyping processes and user experience design 
  • Learn the basics on website design and content management 
  • Become familiar with the different social platforms, what they are used for, audience groups and promotion tools 
  • Design own marketing plans according to business objectives and specifications

What will I study?

Business & marketing principles 

Learn about the way businesses operate, how projects are structured, planned and delivered. Learn about product development and market positioning. Build your CV and get ready to apply for job vacancies and work on projects as a member of a team. Get an overview of the most used tools of the trade. 

Design & Prototyping 

Learn the essentials on product design, wireframing and graphic design. Set up what your potential product will look like. Draw it, design it, work on the visuals, make it yours. Learn the essentials of user experience design and wireframes and learn how a typical user journey affects the lay-out and composition of a digital product. Test it and incorporate feedback. 

Principles of coding & content management 

Familiarise yourself with how the internet works. Learn about the different coding languages that co-exist on the internet and what each is typically used for. Embark on the diversity and ease of use of web-based Content Management Systems (CMSs) and how they typically work. 

Social Media & Digital Marketing 

Create your own digital marketing strategy. Immerse yourself into the different social platforms and their target audiences Learn the specifications and peculiarities of each platform, tools that integrate the management of social content and analytics.

What Will I Need?

You will need to be:

  • Aged 18-24 years
  • Resident in London

You do not need any previous digital experience to study the programme.

All applicants will have an interview and pre-assessment to confirm that the course is suitable for them.

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Digital Futures
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