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Why Hiring an Apprentice is Beneficial for the Workplace Environment

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve and reach new levels of success, and sometimes the best way to do so is recruiting new talent. Employing an apprentice is a brilliant way to inject new life into a company, as well as enhance several aspects of the workplace environment.

Apprenticeships are a fantastic way for people to receive the training, knowledge and experience needed to get their career started. It would be easy to assume that the apprentice is the main beneficiary of the situation, but in reality, it’s the introduction of an apprentice that can be the game-changer a company has been looking for.

A fresh face around the office, who’s eager to learn and has the ability to think of unique, bold ideas, is a substantial asset to any business. In this post, we’ll point out a few of the ways your company can benefit from hiring an apprentice.

Increased Productivity

75% of small and medium businesses employing apprentices have enjoyed a boost in productivity, according to a Department for Education report. By hiring an apprentice, you have a young employee who can be trained to suit specific tasks. This not only allows you to fill a void that your company may have been missing, but it also gives you a lot more flexibility in regards to their job role and how they will fit into the business.

An apprentice’s eagerness to learn, succeed and find their place in an established company will naturally make them a productive addition to the company. Enthusiasm is very infectious, so the arrival of your apprentice and their attitude towards work could be exactly what your team need to step it up a notch.

Morale Boost

Morale is essential for the workplace to thrive. Without it, there’s no doubt that a business won’t be as successful as it could be. From time to time, the level of morale can take a bit of a hit due to boredom or the feeling of being stuck in a routine. Employing an apprentice isn’t just having a new face around the office; it’s the refreshing introduction of a new personality, sense of humour and all-round demeanour.

This is fantastic on an interpersonal level, as it’s an opportunity to welcome someone new to the team, but it also improves morale in regards to work, as you’ll have someone new to bounce ideas off and draw from their creativity.

It Creates Mentoring Opportunities

While an apprenticeship will provide an individual with a vast range of knowledge and training, it’s often the advice and mentorship of colleagues that shapes them as a professional. If you have an employee in the same role or department as your apprentice, you have an ideal opportunity to enhance their training through mentorship.

This is a great way of helping an apprentice to settle into their role more quickly and familiarise themselves with the company. It also benefits your other employees massively, as it gives them the chance to take on more responsibility and embrace a new challenge. Mentorship is also an effective way of training employees for leadership or management roles.

Hiring an Apprentice Shows Your Business Invests in its Employees

A business that hires apprentices demonstrates that they are willing to invest in their employees, which not only helps business owners to create a high-quality team, but it also gives employees a greater sense of loyalty and pride in their employer. This will also provide them with peace of mind knowing that they have job security and even high morale due to less employee turnover.

Another way to invest in your team is to offer current employees additional training, whether it’s to improve their ability in their current role or upskill into an upper-level position. At Capital City College Training, we offer free consultations to guide businesses through the apprenticeship process, which also includes the options available with regards to funding and training current employees.


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