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#weareallimmigrants themed learning week

On 11 February, City and Islington College launched its 2019 Themed Learning Week. CANDI has run a themed learning week – organised entirely by teaching staff and students – for the past 5 years and this year’s week is called “Skin Deep – #weareallimmigrants,” focusing on the topic of immigration

GCSE English Teacher Sean Vernell was the main organiser. He said: “Skin Deep is about taking on issues of racism, as well as the issue of immigration, and why this college and elsewhere should celebrate multiculturalism, the richness of our cultural diversity and the economic importance of immigrants in our society.”

The week, which ran from Monday 11 to Friday 15 February, featured events, shows, music, talks, art, photography and performance. Students and staff across the college performed, displayed their work, recited and sang about the positive role that multiculturalism plays in our society.

Running alongside the events taking place at the college, City & Islington College’s Performing Arts Department have teamed up with Tate Modern and put on a multi-media interactive programme of events, as part of the gallery’s Tate Exchange programme.

Andy Forbes, Principal of City and Islington College said: “This week I had a wonderful experience, walking through the famous concrete halls of Tate Modern – the UK’s leading modern art gallery – to find a whole floor filled with work by City & Islington students. It was an extraordinary array of art installations, drama performances, music, textiles, origami, portrait painting, all on the theme of immigration, all jostling together in a noisy, exuberant crush.

“It was amazing – here were FE students transformed into modern artists, making powerful and imaginative statements about refugees and immigrants, both learning and expressing at one and the same time. Really impressive, and a huge achievement by the students and staff involved.


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