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National Apprenticeships Week 2019 – Q&A with Gert Hoxha

To round off National Apprenticeship Week 2019, we spoke to former Business Administration Level 3 Apprentice Gert Hoxha, who is now employed full-time with Capital City College Training as an Administrator. We spoke about his apprenticeship and how it has helped him get on the career ladder…

What Apprenticeship did you study and how long did you do it for?

I did Business Administration Level 3. I started in April 2017 and finished in June 2018.

Why did you choose an Apprenticeship?

I was thinking “What else can I do other than University” because I didn’t really want to go uni. I thought I can do some training, work experience and get paid at the same time while also getting the qualification. I also asked before I started my Apprenticeship here if there was progression after and they said if they were happy with my progress then I could have a full-time job after which I now do.

Why didn’t you want to go to university?

I have friends at university who have finished their degrees and they haven’t got a job. With an apprenticeship, you can still be in work and do a level 5 or 6 which is equivalent to university. It’s the getting paid and working at the same time while getting the qualifications that I like.

How did your Apprenticeship help you with your role now?

I chose specific units in my apprenticeship which are very relevant to the role that I now do here.

What was your favourite thing about your apprenticeship?

I had two favourite things. First was learning new things all the time. The second one was that it was also good not doing the same repetitive tasks every day. You can be doing six things at the same time keeping me on my toes and not getting bored.

What would you say to someone thinking about doing an Apprenticeship?

I think it is a good chance to get a qualification, experience and money at the same time, so yes I would strongly suggest it. And there are so many apprenticeships to choose from, so whatever you are interested in, there is probably an apprenticeship out there for you.


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