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Jordanian Minister visits WestKing’s Victoria Centre

On Friday 19 October, Westminster Kingsway College hosted some special visitors from the Jordanian delegation: His Excellency Dr. Mahafzah (Jordanian Minister of Education), Ms. Hind Hindawi (Jordanian Ministry of Education), Ms. Farah Jadallah (Jordanian Ministry of Education), Mrs. Katrina Stringer (UK DFID) and Ms. Razan Alsaket (Embassy of Jordan) met with our Capital City College Group CEO, Roy O’Shaughnessy, to discuss the college and how we are ranked by Ofsted.

Jordanian Minister visits WestKing’s Victoria Centre

The visit was coordinated between Jordanian and English ministers to allow Dr. Mahafzah to see first-hand how the UK ranks its colleges. Ofsted, who review and enforce standards in educations across England, led the event at our Victoria Centre in order to demonstrate the processes and procedures used to rank schools across the country.

Senior HMI FE & Skills from Ofsted, Rieks Drijver said, “This is a really valuable piece of collaboration work between Ofsted, Westminster Kingsway and the Jordanian delegation. There were interesting questions from everyone which created positive answers and resulted in all three sides learning.”

After the presentations, the delegation were shown around the centre, showcasing Hospitality & Culinary Arts  facilities including the Brasserie, Escoffier room and the colleges state of the art kitchens. The visitors saw classes in full flow as they walked through the rooms, seeing hospitality students lay the tables and the culinary students prepare the lunchtime meals.

Roy O’Shaughnessy summarised the visit by saying, “Visits like this show that if you have the right strategic partnerships you can provide opportunities not only for yourself but also for others. It is great that we are able to host these events as we are constantly sharing ideas and improving.”


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