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How is it learning from home during the Coronavirus crisis?

For the last couple of months, the world has changed massively since the arrival of the pandemic virus known as Coronavirus from China. CONEL sports student, Pierrette Simuene, talks about how has it affected education for students in the UK.

How is it learning from home during the Coronavirus crisis?

“In March 2020, all primary and secondary schools, colleges and higher education closed and we are all on partial lockdown. My college, the College of Haringey, Enfield, and North East London closed on 20 March 2020 and as per Boris Johnson’s request online classes began.

“I study the Sport – Level 3 course because I have an interest in sports and have knowledge and background in this sector. I also participate in sports professionally outside college in Track & Field. I also study this course because I would like to take on sports journalism in university and continue with this in my career path and be a presenter for companies such as BBC sports and Sky. I believe this course will help me to do this and help me learn different factors of the sporting industry. 

“Online classes on Microsoft Teams have been incredible and the experience has been better than I expected. The teachers really try their hardest to make the lessons seem as if we were in college, which is fantastic as this helps us students understand the topic and the assignments further. However, the online sessions do have their disadvantages – some students have problems with their internet connections and others have may have other people in their property and not be able to listen properly due to the noise, which may reduce their rate of concentration. 

“On the other hand, my sibling’s online classes differ to my online classes, because in the UK a lot of secondary school students are not verbally getting help from their teachers – they are being set homework and revision, using programmes such as Show My Homework. This differs massively from my college, as they are not being able to receive the help they need. Also, GCSE students are massively impacted, but they can take exams when the pandemic has gone. 

“Although there are online classes for all individual pupils in my class, my friends have also found this challenging as lot of them are visual learners and they like to work in small teams and participate in small groups to help them guide them though the different stage of the assignments. This helps them aim and target themselves to achieve Merit and Distinction. However, they do enjoy the ability of being able to learn online and continue to complete work to finish off the year.”


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