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How Apprenticeships Can Help Growing Sectors in 2019

Throughout the digital age we have witnessed the revolution of pretty much every existing industry, as well as the birth of several new ones. As an essential aspect of the business world, apprentices are a unique and valuable resource to companies in growing sectors.

If the current trajectory of the business world and the evolution of technology are anything to go by, it’s safe to say we can expect big things from today’s growing industries. Today’s generation has grown up in an era where technology and the internet dominate many aspects of everyday life and, therefore, they possess skills and knowledge that can benefit any modern company.

In this post, we’ll discuss the advantages of hiring an apprentice and, more specifically, how they can have a positive impact on companies in growing sectors.

Virtual Reality

The concept of virtual reality has been around for a long time — be it in films, books or computer games — but, thanks to the advances of modern technology, it’s something that is finally a reality. The global VR industry is expected to be worth over £31 billion by 2020, with major players such as Sony, Microsoft, Facebook, GoPro and many others set to dip their toes in the virtual waters.

Today’s young people are not only familiar and adept with technology, but they are also, in many cases, the target market of major tech corporations. It’s for this reason that taking on an apprentice could hugely benefit VR companies, as it gives them access to the opinions of the youth — the major players of the digital age. Their enthusiasm for technology and genuine excitement about the possibilities of VR will also be refreshing to a team seeking inspiration and motivation.

Digital Marketing

You will have undoubtedly stumbled upon the term ‘SEO’ during your time online researching how to grow your business. This stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ and relates to the various marketing techniques used to improve the ranking of a website on search engines, such as Google. SEO is essential for any business owner looking to increase sales, reach a larger audience and become an authority in their industry. This need for businesses to succeed online has opened the door for digital marketing to become one of the fastest-growing industries of recent times.  

For apprentices, the digital marketing industry is rife with vast and varied opportunities. For example, those with an aptitude for writing can pursue content marketing, while those who possess a working knowledge of websites — or willingness to learn — can opt for SEO or web development careers.

Every year, there are more students graduating university and finishing A-levels, which provides marketing companies with a fresh batch of highly-skilled and motivated young people looking for work, many of which might have the skills, knowledge and creativity to be the next big thing in the digital marketing world.


‘Fintech’, or financial technology, is a broad term that refers to the types of technology – whether software or devices – commonly used by financial institutions. Fintech applications such as mobile payments, crowdfunding and online money transfers have revolutionised the world of small business, making crucial aspects of finance, such as accepting payment and international transactions, easier to handle. This increases a business’s chance of success and longevity and makes the day-to-day aspects of running a small business more manageable.

Aside from the complexity of Fintech and its impact on the modern business world, it creates multiple job opportunities for those with an interest in technology or economics. As a Fintech company, apprenticeship training could be the perfect way to build a team of young professionals with their finger on the pulse of technology.


Although they have been utilised by the military for several decades, it’s only been in the last ten to fifteen years that drones have been used commercially. Drone footage has been widely used in films, television and other forms of media – one of its most notable uses is BBC’s Planet Earth 2. But the use of an onboard camera has also revolutionised other industries, such as construction and farming, which now have the ability to survey and map out large areas with ease.

When you consider how many young people are using drones today, whether, for fun or filmmaking, we already have an abundance of professional drone pilots in the making. For businesses, this creates a unique opportunity to hire apprentices with previous experience flying drones and build on this to suit the needs of your company.


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