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Capital City College Group Contact Centre Wins Customer Service Award

Capital City College Group’s contact centre team has received an award for its “exceptional” customer service. The Omnichannel Experience Award 2020 was presented by Puzzel, the company that provides the customer service platform used by the Group.

The contact centre responds to around 8,000 enquiries a month, which increases significantly during the enrolment period between July and September.

Lenka Annan, Contact Centre Manager, said: “2020 has been an extraordinary year when the whole world has been turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite face-to-face restrictions, the contact centre has continued to use Puzzel to provide efficient remote frontline services to our students.

“During this time, we also enhanced the service with new features that have enabled the team to create and share comprehensive resources to provide an even more personal service when responding to enquiries.”

Puzzel is a cloud-based customer service system that enables contact centre staff to manage and respond to phone calls, online chat, SMS and social media enquiries.

CCCG was chosen by Puzzel to receive the award from 1,000 of the company’s customers across Europe after implementing the system in 2017.

Lenka added: “I would like to thank Puzzel for this award, and proudly hold it up as a mark of our continuous drive to provide a great service to everyone who contacts us.

“I would also like to express my thanks to my team of Learner Advisers for their dedication when handling enquiries, whatever the circumstances.”

CCCG’s implementation of Puzzel was recognised by an auditor during the Group’s reaccreditation for the matrix Standard in 2019, a quality mark for organisations providing information, advice and guidance.

Puzzel praised the Group for providing a “dependable, efficient customer service” and demonstrating best practice across all channels.

Jonathan Allan, Chief Marketing Officer at Puzzel, said “Capital City College Group are true leaders when it comes to providing exceptional omnichannel customer service.

“This past year they have demonstrated a deep understanding of their customers’ needs and have engaged a wide range of tools and channels to support students as they navigate this incredibly difficult time.

“Their flexibility and dependability have been absolutely first class and Puzzel is delighted to have been part of their journey.”


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