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CANDI Creative’s 48 Hour Film Challenge Winner

CANDI Creative have announced Fabian Ruci as the winner of its 48 Hour Film Challenge, an extracurricular competition asking students to produce a three minute short to be published on YouTube or Vimeo.

CANDI Creative’s 48 Hour Film Challenge Winner

Based at the Centre for Business, Arts and Technology, CANDI Creative is the college’s in-house commercial production company, helping students to develop their skills and portfolio while studying at the college.

On 14 October 2019, judges Juliana Crisera and Jimmy Nguyen concluded the group’s competition, awarding winner Fabian Ruci a £100 cash prize for his film, Post Apocalyptic.

Students were told to produce a three-minute film on a topic of their choice in the first half of the autumn term, given only the specifications to include the colours pink and yellow, and the CANDI Creative logo.

Judges made their decision based on creativity, inventiveness, audience engagement and clarity of ideas.

Judge and company director Jimmy Nguyen said: “Fabian’s piece was unique in its ways. The introduction to his narrative was effective and so inspiring. Filming with what he had – a phone? That is beyond me. I am speechless to say the least.

“Choosing the right gear is an important decision in filmmaking as it is important to get what is right for you… but the pursuit of gear for its own sake is a distraction from filmmaking. The trouble is, focusing on equipment is a tempting distraction because buying stuff is quick and easy, whereas learning a skill – understanding an art-form – is hard and time-consuming.

“Fabian had a vision for a bigger picture. He put his high-end camera away and decided to not film his 48-hour film submission with it, but rather to see what he could do with a mobile phone – how capable it is at capturing video. That in itself is why it was so inspiring to me, with great use of our inclusions of pink and yellow and a wide array of effects such as green-screening and visual compositing. That is what made it so creative.

“This competition seeks out creative individuals that have an interest in the process of film production, the desire to execute an idea they may have had for a while; this was the time for them to show us what they are made of and to score a spot on our management team or a spot on our roster as part of work experience. This allows students to get paid by doing commissioned work from a range of clients as a commercial production company.”

A runner-up award was also presented to Teni Anakoya for his video, Aspire.


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