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Why Train Your Staff? Benefits to Employers

A well-trained and diverse workforce gives your company a competitive edge. Investing in your employees’ skills can enable you to adapt to evolving industry needs.

Capital City College Training helps you make training and continuing professional development (CPD) an outstanding part of your employee benefits and rewards programme, helping you retain your top talent and attract the best new recruits.

Return on Investment

A clear training strategy helps staff align their work to your business goals. With on-the-job and role-specific training, your investment return is ensured as staff put skills into practice in the workplace.

Free Short Courses

We offer a range of free short development courses in London and through distance learning that can help you reap the rewards of a talented workforce.

Advanced Professional Courses

We offer a range of advanced professional development courses at Level 3 and above that can help your workforce excel and advance, including to degree-level.


Our apprenticeships can be used to upskill your existing workforce, or can be used to bring new talent to your business.

Bespoke Training Packages

We offer accredited, industry-recognised courses as part of a flexible, bespoke training package tailored to your business needs.

Nurture Talent to Grow Your Business

Industry-relevant training develops work-related skills that boost confidence and motivate people to work smarter and harder. Developing a qualified workforce enhances staff performance in their current roles, and can improve productivity and company loyalty.

Training supports team building and unlocks the potential that adds innovation to your organisation. It also enables you to capitalise on digital developments and new technology and expand your business offering to keep pace with the changing economy.

Retention and Recruitment Advantage

A well-designed and highly regarded staff training programme can reduce recruitment spend and the time commitment and cost of staff turnover. An employee benefits programme which rewards staff with career development helps to retain your top talent. It is also attractive to new recruits who are shortlisting job specs by the benefits on offer.

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Why Train Your Staff? Benefits to Employers
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