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CANDI students embrace Esports at Red Bull Gaming Sphere

Students from CANDI visit Red Bull Gaming Sphere to compete against other colleges in a FIFA tournament

Students from Capital City College Group (CCCG)’s Centre for Applied Sciences and Centre for Business, Arts and Technology (CBAT) visited the Red Bull Gaming Sphere on 23 April to participate in a gaming tournament. The Red Bull Gaming Sphere is an East London tournament venue and creator space that supports esports professionals and gaming communities.

During the event, a group of eight CANDI students took part in the FIFA23 North London Championship Tournament. The competition was hosted by Rumble Esports and Natascia Bernardi, Student Engagement Officer at CANDI, organised the student visit. Rumble Esports is an organisation that aims to bring gamers together and encourage them to showcase their skills in a friendly community-driven setting.

Also available on the day was a reaction response machine that challenged competitors to test their reflexes with a range of speed tests. One CCCG student, Tristan Smiley, won the speed reaction test and was awarded a cash prize.

CANDI students embrace Esports at Red Bull Gaming Sphere

The students competed in the FIFA23 Tournament and showcased their esports skills, with many of them progressing beyond the first round. Students Alex Mertiris, Ben Bor-Thompson, Emiko Eyetsetunokan and Yusuf Turkmen reached the second round of the competition. Jayden Miller reached the third round of the tournament and Michael Mainoo did extremely well, reaching the quarter-finals before being knocked out.

In addition to gaining direct experience in an esports tournament, the students were also able to interact with other competitors who came from a range of London colleges.

CANDI students embrace Esports at Red Bull Gaming Sphere

Natascia Bernadi, Student Engagement Officer at CANDI, said: “I found this tournament very inclusive as students that are not always able to be included in sports or physical activities are capable of competing and performing as well as getting to meet other like-minded people.”

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