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Building the Future! Explore the exciting world of Engineering learning about some of today’s most exciting and dynamic industries, from Mechanical, Computer, Civil, Electrical and Robotics!

At CCCG, our Engineering Department is a hub of innovation and excellence. With a commitment to providing students with hands-on experience and cutting-edge knowledge, our department offers a range of study programmes designed to prepare aspiring engineers for successful careers in the field.

Our experienced staff members bring real-world expertise and passion to the classroom, creating a dynamic learning environment that challenges and inspires students to reach their full potential. Whether you are interested in mechanical, electrical, or civil engineering, our programs provide the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in today's rapidly evolving engineering industry.

Our specialist mechanical and electrical labs enable a comprehensive and immersive learning experience that prepares our students for the demands and skills needed for the world of employment which is further reinforced by their experience during their industry work placements with employers.

Join us today and become part of a community of innovative engineers who are shaping the future of technology and engineering!

Thank a Teacher:

“To our passionate and inspirational teacher, thank you for igniting the fire within us to strive for greatness. Your unwavering dedication to teaching and your belief in our potential has pushed us to achieve our best. Your patience and kindness have created a nurturing environment where we feel supported and encouraged to work hard. You have shaped not only our minds but also our hearts. We are forever grateful for the valuable lessons you have taught us. Thank you for being an extraordinary teacher!”



Queen's Award for Enterprise