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Science and Forensics

Have you ever wanted to cure a disease? Or tackle climate change? How about exploring space? Science is shaping the future and these courses will provide you with the theoretical and practical skills to become part of that progressive field.

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Gaining a qualification in science (including applied science, forensic science, medical science and health science) can prepare you for many exciting careers in a variety of fields including bioscience, medicine, chemistry, research, and many more. So if your ambition is to tackle climate change or work on finding cures and treatments for illnesses or discover the unknown in our universe, then studying our science-based subjects will give you the strong fundamental knowledge and hands-on practical skills you need to move ahead

We offer a wide range of science courses for those who have a genuine interest in science and would like to pursue a career in a science-related field. Our courses provide a thorough grounding in both theoretical and practical aspects of sciences, whether in biology, chemistry or physics, as well as giving you the opportunity to apply what you learn to the different industries and sectors of employment.

We have over 15 well-equipped industry standard laboratories, with a dedicated team to support with developing the skills required to excel in all fields of science. You will also spend some of your time working in industry, with employers such as MeiraGTx and Francis Crick Institute.

A laboratory technician starts earning around £27,000, whilst biological scientists and biochemists earn in the region of £46,467. This is an expanding and innovative sector that is relied on for medical advances, exploration, and research, so if you want to make a difference then our dedicated staff will advise and support you on this chosen pathway.

Thank a Teacher:

“My teacher has helped me so much through my Forensic Science course this year. She has motivated me to do well and has encouraged our whole class to be the best they can be. I have never had a teacher who has been so determined to help us all achieve our goals. She is also very caring and is always there to help us if we need anything. I always know that if I need help with something in my schoolwork or even my own personal things then I can go to her for guidance. She has made me want to do well and get distinctions in all my coursework. I am extremely grateful for her, and I am excited to finish my course off with her in year 13.”

Career options at a glance include:

Queen's Award for Enterprise