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The use of drones and AI in the construction industry - Introduction


Start Date: 04 October 2023
Day: Wednesday
Location: Enfield Construction Skills Academy
Duration: 5 Weeks
Times: 10:00-14:30

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About the Course

CONEL are delighted to present to you an introduction of the use of Drones and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the construction industry. These groundbreaking technologies are revolutionising the way the construction industry plans, monitors, and executes construction projects, enabling unprecedented efficiency, accuracy, and safety. Course Highlights: Gain practical experience through setting up and hands on drone flights throughout the course. Discover how drones are changing the construction landscape. Learn about drone types, regulations, flight planning, and safety protocols. Uncover the realm of AI and its applications in construction management, risk assessment, predictive analytics, and more. Gain a valuable understadning of how to capture high-quality data using drones, and explore various sensors like LiDAR and photogrammetry for unparalleled insights. Gain a better understadning of creating accurate 3D models and maps of construction sites using drone-captured data. Learn to leverage AI algorithms to process data efficiently, extract meaningful insights, and make informed decisions. Revolutionize project management by employing drones and AI for real-time progress tracking, issue identification, and timeline optimization. Understand how AI-powered risk assessment can prevent costly delays and ensure safer construction environments. learn and understand why Drones and AI in constrution can assist with Efficiency: Slash project timelines and reduce manual labor with automated data collection and analysis. Precision: Achieve unparalleled accuracy in measurements, reducing errors and material wastage. Safety: Minimize human exposure to high-risk environments by utilizing drones for site inspections. Whether you're a construction professional aiming to stay ahead, an aspiring entrepreneur seeking innovation, or a student eager to explore new horizons, this course is your gateway to success in the evolving construction landscape. Upon completion of the course you will be able to progress on to advanced drones courses which will offer advanced techniques which can include uses of drones in surveying, or assessing heat loss from buildings by thermal imaging.

Meridian Water Directions



192, 341 Tesco (1 Glover drive, London N18 3HF)

If you head onto Meridian way cross over the road toward the Meridian Water train station, go up the stairs and go past the station entrance on your right go down the flight of stairs and follow the path this will lead to the skills academy which will be on your left  


Meridian Water Train station (N18 3HF)

If by train you can use the Greater Anglia train to Meridian Water station which can be picked up from Tottenham Hale or Stratford once at the station come out of the station entrance turn right, down the flight of stairs and follow the path and it will lead to the skills academy on the left


Enfield Construction Skills Academy:

The entrance to the skills academy is on Leeside Road, Tottenham, London, N17 0XR turn into the Vistry/ Countryside building site entrance and the skills academy is on the left. (please see link below),-0.0525432,3a,75y,270h,90t,359.96r/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sPgOmOthpkvfuad-_l3fV5w!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu

What Will I Need?

Please be prepared to provide your residency documents such as a passport, EU citizen ID card, UK Birth Certificate or Biometric Card. If you have been in the UK for less than 1 years or have entered the UK with a visa you will need to provide evidence that you are eligible to study in the UK - your visa, your biometric card that covers the duration of your course or any relevant home office documents to support your residency should all be provided. If you’re an EUEEA or Swiss citizen we will need to see evidence of 'Pre-Settled' or 'Settled-status' documents. Also for funding purposes we would need to see evidence of payslips if working (within the last 3 months). If you are receiving benefits (e.g JSA, ESA, Universal Credit (UC), Housing benefits etc. please provide evidence of this).

PPE Equipment Required

As the practical lessons are taking place on an active building site and due to the nature of the courses which include working with sharp tools and heavy materials at times, no training shoes will be permitted. Steel toe capped/ safety boots are advised for footwear and legs should be covered at all times while practical working is taking place.  

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