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Facilities Management - Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship


Duration: 18 Months
Location: Workplace and College
Sector: Construction

About the Course

Apprentices undertaking this course will learn Facilities Management within the context of the employing organisation (Hard Facilities Management, Soft Facilities Management, Total or Integrated Facilities Management).

They will:

  • Understand management of Health and Safety in accordance with employing organisation and client/customer requirements for the facilities management service they are supervising
  • Develop relationships in the workplace with colleagues from own employing organisation and with employees of the customer/client to achieve service targets
  • Develop and implement risk assessment plans in accordance with the requirements for the facilities management service they are supervising
  • Organise and delegate day to day activities of staff to ensure that the facilities management service meets contractual requirements and service targets
  • Monitor the costs of the facilities management service to ensure the budget is not exceeded
  • Procure supplies for the facilities management service and maintain relationships with suppliers
  • Resolve customer service queries and issues in accordance with contractual requirements; monitor customer service issues in order to prevent re-occurrence
  • Solve day to day problems to ensure the facilities management service meets its service targets and contractual requirements
  • Manage the day to day performance of staff and contribute to their development
  • Ensure that resources (materials and equipment) are used efficiently by ensuring correct use in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions
  • Take responsibility for own development of skills and knowledge

The standard also defines some core behavioural competencies:

  • Analytical: Systematic in their approach to understanding a problem
  • Customer Focused: Considerate of the needs of users and stakeholders
  • Collaborative: Able to work as part of a team and with a wide variety of stakeholders
  • Effective communicator: Ability to build relationships based on common understanding
  • Flexible: Capable of adapting to changing circumstances and expectations
  • Honest: Truthful in the dealings with stakeholders
  • Methodical: Detailed in the way they go about their work

Entry criteria

Employers will identify entry requirements through selection. Employers who recruit candidates without a level 2 English and maths must ensure the apprentice achieves this standard prior to completion of the apprenticeship.

How is the apprentice assessed?

Apprenticeships are assessed by classroom study coursework and assessments along with on-the-job practicals. 

Occupational profile

This apprenticeship standard aligns with the followingprofessional recognition: Institute of Workplace and FacilitiesManagement for Associate (IWFM)

Completing this apprenticeship programme will enable progression into a widerange of senior roles within the Facilities Management area roles such as a FacilitiesManager, Premises Manager, Energy Services Manager or Contract Manager.



Queen's Award for Enterprise