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Public Services includes a large variety of essential roles in UK society, from the emergency services to the Armed Forces. Our courses provide a comprehensive overview of how these services are run, giving you the knowledge and skills needed to work in the sector.

Police officer     Public Services Student receiving an award

Public Services are provided by the government to the people it serves. We will help you to develop the skills you will need, such as a knowledge of human behaviour and social issues alongside skills such as leadership, teamwork, and communication.

In addition to studying at college, we have industry links to provide hands-on work experience with employers such as Metropolitan Police, Old Bailey, London Ambulance Service, the London Fire Brigade and RAF Hendon.

A police officer in London can earn around £41,600, whilst an ambulance paramedic can earn £41,080. Working in the Army, you can earn between £15,008 as a junior soldier up to £80,000 as a medical officer, with a commander earning £32,482.

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Queen's Award for Enterprise