Land Based Studies - Level 1 Introductory Diploma

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Start Date: 4 September 2023
Attendance: Full Time
Location: Finsbury Park Centre
Suitable for: School Leavers
Duration: 1 Year
Level: Level 1


What is the purpose of this qualification?

The Pearson BTEC Level 1 Introductory Diploma in Land-based Studies is designed around practical skills and tasks that place an emphasis on learners demonstrating what they can do rather than what they know in theory.

The qualifications give learners the opportunity to acquire and develop generic, transferable and sector-specific skills in order to complete tasks and demonstrate a level of achievement that enables them to progress to further learning.

The Diploma gives learners the opportunity to develop a broader range of skills in the land-based studies sector.


Who is this qualification for?

The Pearson BTEC Level 1 Introductory Diploma in Land-based Studies are for 16-18yrs and EHCP learners who want to continue their education and develop their skills for progression to further learning and, ultimately, to employment.


What do these qualifications cover?

The content of these qualifications has been developed in consultation with further education colleges and other providers to ensure that the qualifications support progression to further learning and training. All learners taking these qualifications will study core units that focus on key transferable skills such as research and planning, time management, and working with others.

Learners will also take a number of sector units. The content of the sector units offers a broad introduction to the skills and knowledge within that sector allowing the delivery to be practical and active in order to engage the learners. For land-based studies, the units cover activities such as caring for and feeding animals, preparing the soil for planting, looking after plants to keep them healthy, and using workshop tools.


What could this qualification lead to?

These qualifications prepare learners for further learning at a higher level in land-based studies. The development of transferable skills means that learners can also choose a study programme from alternative sectors. For example, these qualifications in land-based studies could lead to Pearson BTEC Level 2 qualifications in this sector, or to Level 2 qualifications in other sectors.


How do these qualifications enable learners to progress?

The mode of delivery and assessment in the units is designed to build awareness of a sector and the skills required to work in it. Learners will be given contexts and scenarios to help them develop skills and to acquire knowledge through application. Learners will not develop all the knowledge and skills needed to enter the labour market in a given sector but will develop pre-employability skills and contextualised knowledge to allow them to progress to further learning and training and, ultimately, to become successful in their chosen sector.


Vocational Study - In-class - (face to face)

Tutorial - In-class – (face to face)

Enrichment - A range of opportunities are available for students to access

Maths - In-class - (face to face)

English - In-class (face to face)

Work Experience - A mandatory external placement for all students on this course


Topics and units:

Sept - Oct 

  • A1 – Being organised 
  • A2 – Developing a Personal Progression Plan 

Semester 1

  • A3 - Working with others 
  • A4 - Researching a topic
  • LBS5 – Finding out about the land-based Sector 
  • LBS8 – Growing Plants 

Semester 2

  • LBS8 – Growing plants 
  • LBS12 – Preparing soil for planting 
  • LBS13 – Developing estate maintenance skills 
  • LBS10 – Using Workshop Tools in a Land-based Setting 


This course is for learners aged 16-18yrs and or have an Educational Health Care Plan.

Learners need to have obtained an Entry Level 3 qualification or be ready to work at Level 1.


You will be assessed at the beginning of the course in the first instance and throughout the programme.


School Leavers

If you will be aged 16, 17 or 18 on 31 August in the year you begin your course, and have been resident in the UK/EU/EEA for the past 3 years, it will be free. Some courses will have other costs associated, such as for materials and trips. Many of our students are eligible for financial support when studying at college – please click here for more information.


On completion of this course, you can progress onto a level 2 course.

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