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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Capital City College Group are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion in all our activities for everyone who learns and works here. The Group respects and values differences in age; disability (including mental health); sex; gender identity; race (which includes, ethnic or national origins and caste); religion or belief; sexual orientation; marital or civil partnership; maternity and pregnancy; and economic and social background.

What This Means

The Group is a place where:

  • Learners are at the heart of all that we do
  • All who learn and work here have the opportunity to participate fully and achieve their full potential
  • Physical, social and economic barriers to access are minimised
  • The environment is welcoming and supportive
  • Teaching and Learning are the key to our success
  • All who work or study accept the responsibility to uphold equality and show fairness, courtesy and respect to others
  • Compliance with all current equalities legislation in employment and provision of teaching and services and procurement

How We Show Our Commitment

We share a responsibility for upholding the Group’s Values and as a community we will:

  • Provide an environment which promotes and celebrates equality diversity and inclusion and actively values and respects differences
  • Ensure staff and students are equipped to recognise diversity and challenge discrimination
  • Investigate all allegations of bullying, discrimination, harassment and victimisation sensitively
  • Monitor the curriculum and outcomes of learning to ensure they are free from discrimination and reflect the needs of the wider community we serve
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of equality, diversity and inclusion policies, procedures and practices
  • Work to ensure equality of access and the diversity of resources within the curriculum and the learning environment
  • Face up to the challenge of improving year on year as an organisation with a strong track record in equality and one which listens to and values all its students and staff
  • Aspire to excellence and ensure that quality and equality are the responsibility of all of us who learn and work here
  • Work with suppliers who are committed to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion