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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Objectives

Under the 2010 Equality Act, public bodies such as FE Colleges are required to identify and publish strategic equality objectives that are designed to fulfil the Public Duty to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and fostergood relations.

The details that follow provides a snapshot of the progress achieved on the Group’s Strategic Equality & Inclusion Objectives 2017-2020.

Student Outcomes

To improve performance of learners by the continued identification and review of achievement gaps and the impact of the actions taken. Examples include:

  • The In year development of an Equality and Diversity Achievement Dashboard.
  • Agreement to and step towards developing a common and integrated approach to reporting on achievement by diversity.


Ensure good understanding of how equality and diversity impacts on individual staff roles and responsibilities. Examples include:

  • A range of mental health training provided for staff across the group to improve and support for students.
  • Wide spread dissemination of the outcomes from the ‘Further Education for a Diverse London’ workshops ran as part of the Group wide summer conference in 2016.

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Develop further opportunities to increase understanding and celebration of equality, diversity and inclusion themes. Examples include:

  • Pilot a training programme to help staff examine and understand the potential impact of unconscious bias on the teacher-student relationship.
  • Sharing of best practice through joint membership of the College based Equality Diversity and inclusion Committees.

Develop a trans-positive culture

Create a more welcoming and supportive learning environment which better meets the needs of transgender students to enable them to maximise their success and to have a more positive learner experience. Examples include:

  • Commitment to the development of transgender guides for designed by students for staff and students.
  • Targeted training for identified staff groups to provide informed support to transgender students.

Staff Disclosure

Increase staff confidence to disclose the protected characteristics particularly disability, transgender, religion and belief and sexual orientation. Examples include:

  • Advice from Stonewall on how to devise and implement a “Why are we asking”? campaign.
  • Achieved Level 1 of the Employers “A Disability Confident Committed” award.

Staff Profile

Improve the recruitment levels and promotional opportunities for staff groups who are under- represented such as those from a BAME heritage or those with a disability. Examples include:

  • Update the Recruitment & Selection training module and introduce a section on unconscious bias.
  • Participation in the ETF research on the BAME FE Talent pipeline and take forward recommendations on areas such as secondments and coaching to support the career development of staff who are under-represented.


Ensure that the advancement of equality and the elimination of discrimination and harassment are embedded through all College policies and procedures. Examples include:

  • Reassessed the policies, within the Group that should be subject to an Equality Impact Analysis (EIA) and the appropriate support required for managers to complete EIAs.
  • Group wide EIA protocols in place supported by an EIA template.

Employer led training

Review the embedding of equality diversity and inclusion within the delivery, assessment and promotion of employer lead training within CCCT. Examples include:

  • Carried out an independent audit to assess how Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are embedded within the learner journey and promoted to employers.
  • Developed and implement an Action Plan designed to raise awareness of ED&I amongst learners, employers and training providers.The objectives and planned actions are reviewed each year by the newly formed Strategic Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Board. With CONEL joining the group in November 2017 the current Strategic Equality, Diversity and Inclusion objectives are being reviewed.