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Achievement Rates by Diversity

Capital City College Group has a culture of high expectations. All staff remain aspirational and are focused on improving student achievement rates – the number of students who stay until the end of their course and pass their qualification. The Group is proud of the continued concentration on helping students to achieve, which saw an increase in the overall Group achievement rate from 85.9% in 2016-17 to 86.2%.

This achievement rates is reflected in the respective achievement of students at Capital City College Training at 93.3%, the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London at 90.4%, Westminster Kingsway College at 84.7% and City and Islington College at 80.4%.

Underpinning this achievement is the continued performance of the top five largest groups in each age bracket:

The results for each age group show all cohorts of students above the national provider rates for their peer group and seven out of ten student cohorts showing an annual increase. The Group recognises that improving the achievement rates for students is an on-going process. The key actions are:

  • Analysis of results by teams within the curriculum
  • Agreement on what needs to be done next such as setting challenging targets and monitoring learners progress against starting points
  • Updating of local Quality Improvement Plans.

All these support a focused approach at both the Group and College level to achievement rates by diversity and to concentrate on key areas for improvement. Through the combined work of the Performance & Quality Team, the Group Manger Equality Diversity and Inclusion, and the curriculum areas, the Group will continue to analyse, identify and implement initiatives to support the improvement in the rate of achievement between different groups of students and to help identified groups of students to achieve the Group average (as a minimum).